Monday, 15 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #15

Share what your dream house would be like. Now this I have found tough because when I was a kid my dream house was this...

But I can honestly say I have never really thought about where I will live next. I like living at home with my family even if I do want some independence at times.

Firstly I would hate to live anywhere massive. The smaller the place, the less cleaning :). I really hate houses that look all pristine and "perfect" from the outside. I want my house to look lived in. I love the idea of living in a cottage.

They just have a quality of something being so tranquil and cosy. Plus, this one looks exactly like what my grandparents lived in and it was always so homely.

I guess I would like my kitchen to be really modern and open plan though. I really dislike kitchens that are very busy and have things scattered everywhere. I like kitchens that have everything packed away and look spotless.

This would be perfect. I love how well lit it is!

My dream bedroom would be roomy with a walk in wardrobe, big bed and en suite. It would have a little reading area and maybe a study next door. 

I really like the d├ęcor and colour of this room. It is a little too 'busy' but I do tend to stay with pretty calm and neutral colours.

The room I would be quite picky about is the living room or lounge as some call it :). My Mum and Dad hog our one every evening so I quite often have to stay in my room because I dislike their TV programmes. It would be a place I would like to inject a bit of colour in since my bed room would be the place to relax.

I love this living room. It has colour but still a lot of modern sophistication. I could imagine myself having a room like this!

In terms of a garden the smaller the better. I am not a gardener but I would like my garden to be big enough to hold BBQ's in (maybe a bit of decking or a sun house!). It would be really nice to have a water feature of some kind as well. I'd like my living room to look out onto my garden.

Something like this is cute. It isnt too fancy but it has everything I would need for a sunny day :)

I am quite a simple girl and I really would hate to have a house that is over the top. A home to me doesn't have to be glamorous it just has to reflect how you want live not your lifestyle.


Brittney Galloway said...

Ooh, I like all of your choices! So pretty! Especially the garden, though you have me curious as to what a sunhouse is!

Callie Nicole said...

Lovely choices! I enjoyed seeing the pictures you picked. :-)

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