Sunday, 14 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #14

A picture I love.

I know I have shared this picture before but I just LOVE it so much! Due to our busy lives, Nicola living with her partner and us basically growing up. It is quite rare for my siblings and I to be in the same room let alone for a picture moment like this. 

I love that it has all us four in it. 
I love that my Mum has it framed.
I love that my brother is actually smiling.
I love how my sister is posing like a model from an episode of ANTM from that week HA!
I love how grown up we look.
I loved how my Mum watched on when we were having it taken.
I love the fact we are together in it and are family :)

I always say to them that there are times I could kill them for the amount of arguments we have. But I would kill to have these three in my life always.


Brooke said...

Family is such a special thing and so are the pictures. I think the only photo I have of the three of us (my brother's and I) is about 5 years old!!

myuncensoredlife said...

This is an awesome photo! You all look so different yet so alike. It must be fun having all those siblings!

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