Friday, 12 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #12

In today's challenge I am asked to share what I believe. When I first saw this it was kind of subjective but I am going to take it as my belief on life, religion etc. Simply, because it is the only answer I have for a lot of things. I just want to say I am in noway disrespecting any other religions or faiths in this post. I am just putting forward my sole opinion whether you agree or not is completely up to you.

I will not sit here and say I am an Atheist. I will not sit here and say why I do not believe in other religions or relationships with higher powers. I am going to sit here and say I am Agnostic.

I do not have a yes or no answer to why we are here, how we got here and how we are meant to exist on this Earth. I enjoy religious discussion. I love learning about other people's beliefs. Yet, most of all I love life and how people incorporate their beliefs into their lives. I do not really care about the rest because to me they are unanswerable. Therefore, I will not categorise myself as to believing certain things. I just get on with it. 

Do I believe in God? No. Do I believe in Allah? No. Do I believe in Karma? No. Do I believe we were put on this planet for a reason? 100% yes. For whatever reason why, I will never know and to be honest I never want to know. 

I remember when I was 18 and I had to stand up in my class and talk about my faith and what I believe in. Some people said 'I have faith in Jesus" and some said "I don't believe in anything" and I openly said I have faith that we are here to exist for some unknown reason. I also said this...

"I believe that each of our lives is a [planned] separate story entwined in the richness of others."

Whether that is concrete enough to some I am not fussed that is just simply what I think :).

Some people say being agnostic is the 'middle ground' where we don't want to be boxed into saying a yes or no answer and I disagree with that. I believe we are meant to be here and we are here to serve a purpose. I just believe we are, individually, meant to work it out for ourselves and in our own way without having to follow anything. At the end of the day it does not matter what you believe in, it is just as important to believe or have belief.

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Kristen said...

I'm a Christian and I believe that God sacrificed his only son to clear us of our sins. I love my faith and I am devoted to the Bible.

I, also, completely respect what you believe in. We are put on this Earth for a purpose and we should live it in such a way that makes us happy and shows respect to others. It's okay to not believe in the same things as long as we respect each other. I really liked this post and I completely believe what you say at the end. As long as we have the ability to believe in something!

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