Wednesday, 10 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #10

On day 10 I need to share something I am afraid of with you guys. In April I talked about my fear of roller-coasters and how I overcame them in Disney (kinda had to!). So I want to share with you a fear that I will never get over.

I am what they call an Emetophobe/ Emetophobic. A fear of vomiting. I am not 100% emetophobic because Emetophobia also involves having a fear of seeing other people be sick as well. And as a Nurse I can just about handle that but when it comes to me it is a big fat NO NO!

It started out of the blue. One day when I was 15 my brother and sister came down with a sickness bug and were unwell all night. I panicked I was going to contract it as I was going through some big exams. I became paranoid and made myself wash my hands repeatedly, avoided the bathroom as much as I could and would not go near my siblings for about a week. Sadly, I did get their nasty illness and was really poorly. 

Since then the fear has never left me.

If I start to feel nauseous I cry. I get really upset and most of all panic. My friends always say to me if I ever get morning sickness when pregnant then I would be a nightmare. I know the idea of vomiting is not appealing to everyone - who wants to be sick?! But I am so fearful of it I literally go into a meltdown over it. Unfortunately this year I caught a stomach bug from a friend and it was horrendous. My Mum had to take the day off work to stay with me to keep me calm - yes that bad :( 

The only good thing about it is that I know I am not the only one. My bloggy pal Laura is an Emetophobe as well.

Anyone else have a fear they want to share?


Laura Anne said...

I went slightly OCD last week when I discovered there was THAT kind of bug going around my church...of course the 2 guys who thought they might have it sat next to me all morning before they confessed later...

And yep, my Mum used to have to take the day off to keep me calm if ever I got a bug too.

Stacie said...

I am afraid of spiders. Yes, I am bigger than they are. I hate them. They creep me out. I have been known to scream. I usually make the dogs play with them until they die if I see one in the house.

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