Monday, 1 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #1

Day 1 of the Blog Challenge is....your favourite song.

This was hard. As everyday when I listen to music I make that my new favourite song. However, have you ever had that song which happens to pop up whenever you needed it to? 

Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart.

Basically, when I feel that life is being unfair, that I miss someone terribly or want something to happen this song appears out of nowhere. It reminds me to accept what happens in life and to stop reflecting on what could/should have been. To stop crying your heart out and move on...that's why it is my favourite song. It just ministers so many home truths I need to hear.


Mere said...

I have never heard this song but I totally LOVE it and get it completely. We're definitely on the same level with this one!

Love, Mere

Alex(andra) said...

I'd never heard it either, but I love it. Yay for new music! (well, for me...)

ktjane said...

I had to check this one out as I didn't know it right off. I just love hearing what everyone likes.

Got mine up this morning also!

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