Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pet peeves

A couple of weeks ago my middle name twin Amanda and I were discussing about what annoys us. It was a rather amusing conversation and what "inspired" this blog post.  *

I am sure there are loads of things that peeve us and make you just want to go "ARGH!" or "I hate it when people do that" - we all do it. So I have compiled the top 5 things that I just find really irritating.

1) Poor pronunciation.

I think my family and friends would all sigh in unison to this because it annoys me big time when people speak or pronounce words in the incorrect manner. The one sentence I hear the most is "I would of..." and instantly when I hear this I correct it. It is "I would have...". Yes, your probably thinking why does it matter? but it just bugs me especially as I had it drilled into me at school. I also find it really annoying when people cannot pronounce words properly. My brother is going through a phase of missing the letters in words by saying "Wa-er" (water) or "I caught er" (I caught her). It just sounds sluggish and I hate listening to it.

2) Road Rage.

I HATE HATE HATE this!!! I will admit I have slipped the odd word or two out at other civilians poor driving skills. However, have you ever been in a car with someone that just wants to start an argument with any motorist that even drives their way? It really irks me and to be honest makes me feel really unsafe. They are too busy shouting about another person's driving than concentrating on their own. I was in the car with my friend the other day who got road rage about the new layout of the roundabout. He would not stop cursing and shouting about it. I just found myself slowly turning a darker shade of red. 

3) Picking nails.

I completely understand that this is a boredom thing. I just think I would much rather hear pens clicking than seeing people put nails in their mouth to either chew or remove the dirt from under them with their teeth. This must be a nurse related thing for me but I just find it unhygienic and grimace at it. 

4) People who shout at Televisions.

Every weekend I have to sit and watch/hear my Dad shouting at the football. And every weekend I feel like saying "They CANNOT and WILL not EVER hear you." I know it is more of a frustration or energy outlet but it really irks me. I think it is different if there is a group of you but I can't help but sit and look at my Dad sometimes and think "Why are you talking to the Television? Get out more." I do find it very amusing at the same time though. I remember when the World Cup was on and I saw people standing in shop windows watching the games shouting at it. I found that quite funny.

5) Indecisiveness.

I have been indecisive. You have been indecisive. I think everyone can be indecisive. Yet, I really dislike it when people are indecisive about really simple things. My best friend is a typical example. We went shopping for a new purse for her. She LOVED this one in the first shop we went in and would not stop talking about it. Then 3 hours later and around ten more shops searched she still could not decide if she wanted the purse from the first shop. I am just stood there thinking JUST DECIDE ALREADY! Otherwise I will make the decision for you.

So I what are your pet peeves that you cannot help but find quite annoying?

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Mere said...

You definitely hit a good portion of my pet peeves!I would have to add poor grammar. That drives me up a wall! CAN'T STAND IT!!!


a life of color said...

O my gosh I feel you on the poor pronuncation pet peeve!! It irks me!! An example of what I hate most is...."That TV is broke" When really they should be saying "That TV is broken"!!! O my stuff like this just drives me bonkers!!

Janet said...

LOL! You'd go mad watching South African telly! The pronounciation of some of our African announcers is SHOCKING! I know someone who always says "I should of ... "and it drive me nuts! Nice post!

laura anne said...

Did you just decide to name all my worst habits?! LOL!!

I confess I pick my nails all the time because things get stuck in them being so long. I do antibacterial gel a lot though...!

Alex(andra) said...

I completely agree about speaking and grammar... I blame it on growing up with an editor as a dad. :) Road rage scares me more than anything else. While I don't yell at TVs, I do tend to get pretty giddy and sometimes clap and bounce (hahaha... usually when I'm alone). Oh goodness.

Allie Garcia said...

chewing! chewing drives me nutso! i cant be around people chewing chips or ice or celery. eewwww. yelling at tvs is a good one though.

Anne said...

Hahaha! I definitely agree with you about shouting at the television! My husband does it all the time during hockey & football games, and I just shake my head and try not to let it bother me.

Kristen said...

Completely agree about the picking nails. I hate it. I also really hate poor grammar and people who you see spit in the street. It is disgusting.

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