Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bucket List Moment.

I know many people who have a list of things they want to do before they die. Their own Bucket List - and I think it is a great thing to have.

Number 14 on my Bucket List was "Fly openly in any way or form in the sky" and in Portugal this year I got to do just that. At first when I wrote that down as something I wanted to do I thought about sky diving/free falling but I find it quite...common as amazing as sky diving sounds.

When I was getting crushed by the Atlantic waves lying on the beach in Portugal I saw someone Para-Sailing in the sky. I just remember shouting to my friends "I want to fly, I want to do that!"

And a couple of days later we did just that. When we arrived on the boat they had to harness you in. I will admit I was a little scared at the lack of harnessing. I was expecting more support. So when we were speed boating right out to sea I was really nervous!!!

There was a lovely lady on the boat who photographed the whole experience and these photos are priceless to me. As soon as we were attached to the parachute all fears went out the window. I was going to enjoy this!

About to fly off.

Going higher. We were encouraged not to hold onto the straps and just be free. I held onto mine for a while haha.

This was the highest we went in the sky. My friend Laura explained it perfectly saying "It just doesn't seem real!". We had our legs dangling, being suspend by a parachute, pulled along by a boat and the ocean just laid out beneath us. It was amazing!

If there is one thing I remember from being up there is how silent it is. You can barely hear anything. It was weirdly so peaceful and quiet.

Halfway through the Para-Sailing the boat stopped pulling us along and we slowly floated to sea. We got soaked! Then the boat sped up and we went soaring up again or as Lotte put it "to dry off."

Coming into land! As we came in we had to cycle our legs so we stepped onto the boat more safely. We felt so silly but had a great laugh too.

I love this picture so much. It portrays how we felt so perfectly. We just wanted to do it all over again.

Would you go Para-Sailing?


Alex(andra) said...

Ahh those pictures are priceless! That looks like so much fun. I'll have to try that out sometime. :)

Kristen said...

I love these pictures Rebecca, certainly something to cross off on your bucket list. I love the first one you and your friends look so enchanted.

a life of color said...

That looks so incredibly fun!! I will surely have to try it someday!

myuncensoredlife said...

I have always wanted to do this and after seeing your pictures I wanna do it even more!

I love the looks on all of your faces in these pics! It really captures the moment. These are frame worthy for sure!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, how fun! Derek and I had a fun time para-sailing this summer too! Definitely a "flying" experience! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

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