Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pet peeves

A couple of weeks ago my middle name twin Amanda and I were discussing about what annoys us. It was a rather amusing conversation and what "inspired" this blog post.  *

I am sure there are loads of things that peeve us and make you just want to go "ARGH!" or "I hate it when people do that" - we all do it. So I have compiled the top 5 things that I just find really irritating.

1) Poor pronunciation.

I think my family and friends would all sigh in unison to this because it annoys me big time when people speak or pronounce words in the incorrect manner. The one sentence I hear the most is "I would of..." and instantly when I hear this I correct it. It is "I would have...". Yes, your probably thinking why does it matter? but it just bugs me especially as I had it drilled into me at school. I also find it really annoying when people cannot pronounce words properly. My brother is going through a phase of missing the letters in words by saying "Wa-er" (water) or "I caught er" (I caught her). It just sounds sluggish and I hate listening to it.

2) Road Rage.

I HATE HATE HATE this!!! I will admit I have slipped the odd word or two out at other civilians poor driving skills. However, have you ever been in a car with someone that just wants to start an argument with any motorist that even drives their way? It really irks me and to be honest makes me feel really unsafe. They are too busy shouting about another person's driving than concentrating on their own. I was in the car with my friend the other day who got road rage about the new layout of the roundabout. He would not stop cursing and shouting about it. I just found myself slowly turning a darker shade of red. 

3) Picking nails.

I completely understand that this is a boredom thing. I just think I would much rather hear pens clicking than seeing people put nails in their mouth to either chew or remove the dirt from under them with their teeth. This must be a nurse related thing for me but I just find it unhygienic and grimace at it. 

4) People who shout at Televisions.

Every weekend I have to sit and watch/hear my Dad shouting at the football. And every weekend I feel like saying "They CANNOT and WILL not EVER hear you." I know it is more of a frustration or energy outlet but it really irks me. I think it is different if there is a group of you but I can't help but sit and look at my Dad sometimes and think "Why are you talking to the Television? Get out more." I do find it very amusing at the same time though. I remember when the World Cup was on and I saw people standing in shop windows watching the games shouting at it. I found that quite funny.

5) Indecisiveness.

I have been indecisive. You have been indecisive. I think everyone can be indecisive. Yet, I really dislike it when people are indecisive about really simple things. My best friend is a typical example. We went shopping for a new purse for her. She LOVED this one in the first shop we went in and would not stop talking about it. Then 3 hours later and around ten more shops searched she still could not decide if she wanted the purse from the first shop. I am just stood there thinking JUST DECIDE ALREADY! Otherwise I will make the decision for you.

So I what are your pet peeves that you cannot help but find quite annoying?

*Images used through Google searches.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The post where I reveal too much information.

This is just a friendly warning that the blog post below has a little too much information of the female kind. However, it is something that has been weighing on my mind for a long time and feel the need for advice, vent and discussion.

To put it pretty simply I don't have a menstrual cycle. In fact mine is pretty much non-existent and it is getting to the point where it is starting to really get me down.

I started when I was 12 and pretty much ran like clock work every month and then when I was 17 they just stopped out of nowhere. It took me a year to persuade my doctor that I needed some kind of investigation. However, I got the "you haven't finished developing yet" or "your young and healthy they will start again". I even had one doctor tell me that he could sort it by putting me on the contraceptive pill so that way I did sort of get a period each month even though it wasn't a natural one.

I was more than frustrated. I did not want a "fake" period. I wanted to know why they had stopped in the first place. Anyway, they ran some scans and they found I had some really small cysts on my ovaries but they could not diagnose me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). (The link will have more information on PCOS :). As I did not have any other symptoms associated with it. 

Things kind of stopped then because I met my now ex-boyfriend and decided to go on the contraceptive pill for obvious reasons. We broke up last year and I carried on with the pill because it did help with my mood swings and I had been in a pattern of taking it for two years so to me it made sense to carry on. Then I went through a really stressful spell at university last September and kept forgetting to take it. So it was then that I realised there was no point in me being on it if I could not even remember to take it. Plus, there was no medical reason for me to take it either.

Hope your still with me :)

So I came off pill and I have read and heard from many people that it can take up to 6 months to a year for your periods to come back. However, I was more worried because my periods stopped for some unknown reason before starting the pill so I had very little faith they would come back. I went and saw my doctor this March and she sent me for some scans and hormone tests. They all came back fine so there is no reason for me not to ovulate each month and the cysts on my ovaries are a lot smaller.

My doctor then prescribed me Metformin which is a drug often used in diabetes. However, it has been proven in studies to help promote hormone stimulation, mainly progesterone which you need to help you ovulate and by ovulating you have a period! Well I felt SO ill. I was being sick, losing loads of weight, no appetite at all and it gave me the most awful migraines. But in May, typically, I got a period and had never been so pleased to have one haha. I welcomed every cramp and was quite pleased to be buying tampax. Yet, there was a predicament I could not continue taking the Metformin as it was making me so sick even on the lowest dose. I had been on it for 2 months so I certainly gave it a trial run.

Since May I have had nothing and it is starting to really get me down. My doctor has explained that it is not unhealthy to not have a period but it is really starting to bug me. My body is designed to do this and I feel like a failure that my reproductive system can't do what it is meant to do. I worry about future fertility as if I cant have periods how can I fall pregnant? Plus, I have the worst moods ever. I was at a friends birthday meal the other day and my friend was having a vent about her menstrual cramps and all I could feel was jealousy. I would love to have a healthy reproductive cycle.

My doctor has advised me that I can be put back on the contraceptive pill but I refuse to go on that and I don't think I will ever again. They have given me a diagnosis of PCOS as I have the symptom of absent periods.

One of the symptoms of PCOS is that you can gain weight very easily which I do. But when I realise I am getting a little podgy I am quite good at getting myself back to my normal weight. I read up about how exercise can be very stimulating. So I joined the gym in June and I go 4 times a week. I am really trying to be proactive.

Can anyone relate to this or know anyone like me? Is there anything else you recommend? Do you have PCOS? 

I would just like my periods back and it is starting to really get me down :(

Sunday, 19 September 2010

80th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my Gran turning 80 years old. My family decided to throw her an intimate party of close relatives and boy was she surprised!

It was so nice to have my whole family in one room. We all live dotted around England so it was a real blessing to have us all together to celebrate on this occasion. The most important thing was that my Gran enjoyed it and she really did.

The cake was vanilla sponge with butter-cream. It is decorated with yellow roses as they are her and my Granddad's favourite.

Cutting her birthday cake. It tasted SO yummy!

I LOVE this picture of my Gran with her three daughters. My Mum, Aunty Lucy and Aunty Jo. We all reminisced afterwards that it would have been the cherry on top of the cake if my Granddad were there. He would have been 80 this week as well.

My Gran with her brother Ron and two cousins.

This has to be by far my most favourite photo. We have not had a group photo of my siblings and I in four years! We look so grown up and I just love them so much!

My Gran with all seven of her Grandchildren (my cousins). We could not get a really good shot of us all looking at the cameras but it is a captured memory all the same :)

So what do you get an 80 year old for her birthday? Well a 28 inch plasma television of course. She can't wait to use it as her one was really dated (from the 80's).

I could not help but look through these photos and just think how lucky I am to have my family. Especially, as I look at pictures of my Gran and just think I would not exist today without her even being born. 

Happy 80th Birthday Gran!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bucket List Moment.

I know many people who have a list of things they want to do before they die. Their own Bucket List - and I think it is a great thing to have.

Number 14 on my Bucket List was "Fly openly in any way or form in the sky" and in Portugal this year I got to do just that. At first when I wrote that down as something I wanted to do I thought about sky diving/free falling but I find it quite...common as amazing as sky diving sounds.

When I was getting crushed by the Atlantic waves lying on the beach in Portugal I saw someone Para-Sailing in the sky. I just remember shouting to my friends "I want to fly, I want to do that!"

And a couple of days later we did just that. When we arrived on the boat they had to harness you in. I will admit I was a little scared at the lack of harnessing. I was expecting more support. So when we were speed boating right out to sea I was really nervous!!!

There was a lovely lady on the boat who photographed the whole experience and these photos are priceless to me. As soon as we were attached to the parachute all fears went out the window. I was going to enjoy this!

About to fly off.

Going higher. We were encouraged not to hold onto the straps and just be free. I held onto mine for a while haha.

This was the highest we went in the sky. My friend Laura explained it perfectly saying "It just doesn't seem real!". We had our legs dangling, being suspend by a parachute, pulled along by a boat and the ocean just laid out beneath us. It was amazing!

If there is one thing I remember from being up there is how silent it is. You can barely hear anything. It was weirdly so peaceful and quiet.

Halfway through the Para-Sailing the boat stopped pulling us along and we slowly floated to sea. We got soaked! Then the boat sped up and we went soaring up again or as Lotte put it "to dry off."

Coming into land! As we came in we had to cycle our legs so we stepped onto the boat more safely. We felt so silly but had a great laugh too.

I love this picture so much. It portrays how we felt so perfectly. We just wanted to do it all over again.

Would you go Para-Sailing?

Friday, 10 September 2010

Portugal Holiday Recap.

Portugal...was amazing!

I would love to be back there right now. I have never been to Portugal before and it was such a lovely country to visit. I found the locals to be so much more friendlier than previous places I have visited. Below is a recap of my holiday (with pictures haha).

We got the plane at 05.50 am. I was SO tired and not at all impressed about waking up at 2am to catch the flight. However, it was pretty awesome watching the sunrise whilst waiting to board the plane.

We pretty much lounged around this beautiful pool all holiday! I have never swam in a pool that big. I couldn't even fit it all in this photo. In the background there is the sea/beach. The hotel had its own beach which was brilliant and it was a 60 second walk away!

We did go on our excursions though. Laura, Lotte and I took a speedboat out into the Atlantic Ocean to visit Dolphins! We had a Marine Biologist, Raoul, as our tour guide and he was fantastic. It was like being in class but out at sea! The best bit? We got to swim with them in the wild. Out of this world!!!!

I took this video of the Dolphins swimming before we went in with them. They are the most beautiful and friendliest creatures to ever encounter! To be with them in their own environment was magical. I do not agree with them being in those Dolphin shows like they are at Seaworld and other places etc. It was a day I will never forget. 

Every country has something they are famous/renowned for. Well Portugal is famous for its Algarve or "Caves" coastline. We sailed in and out of them on the speedboat, some of the formations were breathtaking and the surrounding water as clear as day! It was my favourite day.

Another day we went shopping! We visited the "Old Town" and it had all these really cute gypsy markets and alley ways. Some of the trinkets and souvenirs were adorable. There was also a lift/elevator in the rocks to hitch a ride down to the beach - how strange is that?!

The day before our last day Laura, Lotte and I went Para-Sailing. I will save that for another blog post because it was a "Bucket-List" moment for me. 

The flash did not work too well on my camera in this photo but this is us outside our hotel. On our last night we went photo mad. The hotel was lovely and I would definitely recommend it. We went all inclusive so all meals and drinks etc were technically free.

The best part of the holiday? Spending time with these girls. There were so many moments where we laughed until our sides hurt and we made incredible memories. This was our last snap before getting the plane home. We have been saying for the past three years we should go away together and we finally did. Portugal had fantastic weather, kind people and beautiful scenery. I feel very rested now :)

Portugal, I will be visiting you again.
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