Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Summer 2010.

My summer has now officially started and I am over.the.moon. I have a couple of brilliant things to look forward to and I thought I would share them with you :)

I am officially a qualified nurse but I don't start my new job until October. I was offered to start in September but I really want to take some time out for a bit before venturing into full time PAID work.

I am currently working full time at my weekend job for ten days as signing onto the nursing board has eaten all my money. I never knew how much it would cost to just register and I haven't even started work yet. However, still so excited!!!

After working non-stop for ten days I am off to Spain for a week from 19-26 Aug. I am visiting one of my best friends, Oli. I only see him twice a year if that and I am really looking forward to spending time with him and being in the sunshine! Whilst I am over there it is the San Luis fiesta. The Spanish are very well known for their eccentric street parties and I am going to be there! The last couple of times I have seen Oli I have been stressed out due to the nursing course and being broke etc. So I am making up for lots of lost fun time. I am so keyed up to go!!!

Oli and I, December 2009.

Once I return I am back for 6 days before I go off on holiday again. 2 Sept - 9th Sept I am away in Portugal with two close girlfriends of mine Lotte and Laura. I have never been to Portugal before. I have made it a goal to try and go to new places. I am familiar with Greece and the Spanish islands as I have holidayed there all my life. I went to Turkey last year which was nice but really looking forward to Portugal!

Complex where I'm staying :)

After I come back I have to help my Mum finish organising my Gran's surprise 80th birthday party which is being held on the 18th September. We have a hotel conference room for afternoon tea and music. All my family will be there and I cannot wait to see her face! She recently had to have her Dog to put to sleep (she got him for companionship after my Granddad passed away) so we really want to make a fuss!

I have a couple of friend's birthdays as well to look forward to celebrating. But you know what I am looking to? Reading books that don't involve nursing, blood pressures, infections etc. I am looking forward to having lay-ins and not worrying what papers I have to turn in the next day. I am looking forward to not setting an alarm in the morning to wake up to. It's just the little things that will be a pleasure to forget about for 6 whole weeks!

Summer 2010 - I am in love with you already.

Also, I know I have already said this to her but I just want to congratulate my blog buddy Callie. She and her husband Derek are going to have a baby next March! I am so excited for them!!! Not only are they such a lovely pair but I know how much they have wanted this. Congratulations to both of them. I cannot wait to see them embark on this incredible journey! :)


a life of color said...

Your new found summer holiday sounds amazing!! Have fun and enjoy it because I know you more than deserve it!

Alex(andra) said...

Yay!! So much to enjoy over you summer. It's most definitely deserved. I'm definitely jealous because it all looks gorgeous and sounds like fun... make sure to enjoy it enough for the both of us!

Colette said...

With all those holidays planned no wonder you've no money left :P

I'm so glad you've decided to take a little time out between qualifying and starting your 'real' nursing job. I think you deserve it after all your hard work. I'm definitely enjoying my freedom before I become a grown-up!

I totally hear you about reading something that you don't HAVE to read. When I finished up with uni I felt like I hadn't read a book I wanted to read for 4 years and it's been so, so nice to read something I chose. I'm on my 7th book of the month already!

Enjoy your 'summer'!

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, sounds like you have a couple fun trips planned! How exciting! And I can imagine how nice it is to have time to read again!
Thanks for the congrats, Rebecca! You are so sweet! :-) I'm so glad we're blogging friends!

Stacie said...

No, girl, your holiday looks and sounds like it'll be amazing! I hope you have a great time and relax before you start your nursing career!

Kristen said...

Totally jealous but totally deserved!

Anne said...

Wow, sounds like you have some awesome travels planned. Fun summer indeed! :)

Janet said...

Firstly, thank you for your kind and compassionate comments! I have not had time to spend much blogging, and I so appreciate your encouragement! Then, to say you deserve this break would be an understatement - enjoy,enjoy! I hope I get to arrange my Mum's 80th one day! Well done my girl! Your parents must be so proud!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, pack me in your suitcase?? :)

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