Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Child Sponsorship.

Child Sponsorship.

It was always something I have heard of. It was on the adverts that I admit I switched over to another channel when they were on. They were in the newspapers where I flicked over to the next page to see if there was something more interesting to read. I have even heard it on the radio where I have tuned into another radio station that had the latest song I wanted to hear. I always took a blind eye, not on purpose, but because I never wanted to open my eyes to the poverty these children live with 27/7, 365 days a year. Who, quite simply, want some love and help in their lives. 

After doing my research, with thanks to Laura, Steph and Carolyn, and reading up about the various bloggers trips. I decided I could afford some money to be put aside to a child each month instead of going towards a new nail varnish or a trashy magazine. 

I turned to Compassion and I spend £21/$32 a month on a person who is worth every penny :)

Meet Wilson.

Isn't he adorable? I love writing to him. I love sharing new things with him. I love learning about him. I received a letter from him the other day and he was so funny and cute!

One of my biggest worries was that Compassion is a Christian based organisation and I openly admit I am not a Christian. However, they have been so welcoming. I may not be able to share the Gospel with him the way I would like to but I know Compassion can do that. I can let him know that he is loved, that I am more blessed to get to know him the more we correspond and that he has added more value to my life than what £21/$32 is ever worth!

The other day I met up with a friend who asked me to add up the value of all the "amenities" I spend each month e.g. magazines, make-up, perfume, games. It came to £41/$62!!! It's crazy how much stuff we buy that we do not really need.

So if you have ever thought about sponsoring a child then please, please, PLEASE do. It will enrich your life more than you will know. There are so many out there like:

Or if anything the next time you see, read or hear about sponsoring a child or their family. Please don't ignore them like I did, just listen. There are millions of families and children in poverty out there just waiting to be heard.

Do you sponsor a child or a charity?


CardiffScot said...

Great post. Welcome to the club. It's well worth it and you'll get SO much back out of it too.

I know exactly where you are with regards to Compassion. I'm not christian either but sponsor two kids through them, I chose them beacuse their financial stewardship is good and they have great, transparent financial accountability.

Thanks for the Anjali link love.


Kristen said...

Wow! Such a fantastically written post and to the point. We need to help these people. I sponsor a lovely little girl in Ecuador through World Vision. One of the best outgoings from my account every month. I would love to meet her someday!

If anyone reading this post or this comment then PLEASE consider sponsoring. It really is worth every cent!

Mere said...

That's a terrific thing to do, and when I have a few spare dollars, I'll be pitching in too. I'm so happy you're able to write to him...being able to communicate with them makes all the difference!

Love, Mere

P.S. Don't forget I have a button you can add to your sidebar xxx

Callie Nicole said...

That's so sweet! What a great thing to be involved in!

Brooke said...

Good on your Rebecca. You surely are wise beyond your years! Watching how your help changes Wilson's life will be priceless.

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