Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More than 5 films...better than 2009!

One of the things I made certain for 2010 was to go out more and see more films, theatre and read books. I did a post in January about the films I was so excited about coming out this year.

In 2009 I went to the cinema 5 times (I cannot believe I can count that on one hand). I can happily say it has been more than that in the first half of year. I thought I would review the films I have seen this year. Feel free to discuss whether you agree or not :)

Alice in Wonderland - I am not really a fan of Tim Burton films because of the way he makes everything come across quite 'dark'. I did not enjoy his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at all. I wish I could say it was brilliant but it was 'so so' - the book really captures your imagination and there is a real magical element to the writing. This did not reflect in the film. The cast was really impressive and there were some funny moments. I have not bought this film on DVD since it has been out and I probably won't either.

The Blind Side - This tugged at my heart strings and just made me realise how lucky I am. I love films that do that. This has been one of my favourite films to see this year. The plot, characters, accents and the relationships penetrated the screen. One of my favourite parts is where Michael is introduced to his new bedroom and says "I've never had one of these before." Then before he has a chance to say any more his new Mum (Leigh Anne) voices "what a bedroom?" and all Michael can say is "no a bed." I don't think there has been a night where I have gone to bed and not thought about that scene.

Date Night - Steve Carell and Tina Fey were a hoot in this film. It is a perfect date night movie. It started off really funny but as the film progressed it got a little less. However, there were some scenes that cracked me up like the "sexy" pole dancing scene. It is one of those "you had to be watching  it" films when explaining it to others. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't a total miss either. A light hearted film about how a couple's date night gets completely ruined and how they try to fix it.

Shrek Forever After - I think the character of 'Donkey' is one of the funniest characters ever written and is by far one of my favourite films. I did not have high expectations because I thought the third instalment was rather pants. But I did really enjoy it and Donkey and Puss were comedic as ever. I saw it in 3D which made it a bit more fun! I did not really get the point of Rumplestiltskin to be honest but I am pleased at where it has ended. No more Shrek films need to made but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. 

The Last Song - I LOVE Nicholas Sparks books and was so eager to see the film. I was until Miley Cyrus was cast as the main lead. She has no acting bone in her body and I really dislike her personality in interviews, shows etc. Therefore, I judged this film before I saw it. Miley Cyrus could not act but the producers of the film really captured the book so well! I was brought to tears so many times whilst watching it. I don't want to ruin the plot but it is a sad film that centres around cancer and rebuilding broken relationships. It makes you think 'live everyday as if it were your last and have no regrets.'

Letters to Juliet - This was a last minute film choice and when I sat down in the cinema I had no clue what the film was about. I was pleasantly surprised! In simple terms it is about this girl (Sophie) who goes to Verona and visits Romeo and Juliet's balcony. There is a wall there where people leave letters for Juliet daily. She then meets a group of women who respond to the letters. Sophie then finds a letter from 50 years ago and responds. From that moment she meets Claire and they go in search of her Romeo that she met 50 years before. It was a real feel good girly film! The musicality, acting and Italian scenery was beautiful. Since seeing this film I have added 'visit Italy' to my bucket list.

Inception - I think this is the latest summer blockbuster which has stormed into the box office. I had to be persuaded for days by my friend James to see this. Psychological action thrillers just are not my cup of tea. I would explain what it is about but I feel I would confuse you. I did enjoy it and it had me firmly fixed to the screen throughout. But it is a film that makes you think and I personally I hate that. I go to the cinema to sit back and relax not think "right so if that person is incepting that dream, he must be incepting that dream." - see it makes you over think haha.  However I have to say the special effects were out of this world. I would see it again just to see that!

Toy Story 3 - This is the film I have been most excited about seeing!!! :) The Toy Story movies are my favourite Pixar animation films. The plots, cast, animations and humour are fantastic. I loved every second and I don't think there was a scene where I didn't laugh out loud.  The toys are mistakenly delivered to a day-care centre instead of the attic right before Andy leaves for college, and it's up to Woody to convince the other toys that they weren't abandoned and to return homeI saw it in 3D and I had my glasses off for most of it because there wasn't much 3D in it. In saying that it just made my evening, some of the one liners were cracking and I am going to see it again (and again)!!!

If you have seen any of these films what did you think?! I am still eagerly awaiting Despicable Me, Harry Potter, The Other Guys, Megamind and Grown Ups.


Kristen said...

I have to say I agree with all your reviews. I thought Alice in Wonderland was a let down. I was not a fan of Letters to Juliet but if your into Rom-Coms I can see why you were enchanted.

I adored Toy Story and have yet to see Inception. My husband keeps bribing me. I have seen Despicable Me and I think from your taste of films you will enjoy that too.

Thanks again!

Callie Nicole said...

I love this post! thanks for the reviews.
I love Toy Story 3 too! Definitely one of my favorites this summer.

Alex(andra) said...

I wasn't a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, but I never have been, so that wasn't much of a surprise. I loved Date Night... especially the taxi scene. I've read the Last Song, and even though I'm most definitely nooot a Miley Cyrus fan, I want to see the movie... Hopefully it comes out soon. Inception and Toy Story 3... brilliant. :) Great reviews. I need to check out Letters to Juliet & the Blind Side. Ooh. Despicable Me was absolutely adorable. And Harry Potter will be epic.

Mere said...

The sad thing is, because I work so much, the only movie on your list I've seen is The Blind Side. I am so excited to see Toy Story 3 because I grew up with Toy Story :) THE BLIND SIDE WAS AMAZING!!

Love, Mere

Anne said...

"The Blind Side" is definitely an amazing movie and one of my favorites. Hubby & I loved "Date Night" and laughed sooo hard. I thought "The Last Song" was pretty good too.
We saw "Despicable Me" this weekend, and although I thought it started out a bit slow at the beginning, it was really cute and we ended up really enjoying it.

Steph{anie} said...

I really want to see Inception and Toy Story 3! I always have to wait until they come out on DVD so I can rent them for $1.

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