Friday, 11 June 2010

Post Dissertation Life.

As part of my degree I knew I had to do a dissertation at some point. I just did not realise until January this year how quickly that point would come round.

I really detest essay writing and I have had essay galore in this degree. My lecturers seem to like giving us really long essay questions of which half the words I do not understand let alone answer to. I digress. As part of my degree I had to complete a 15,000 worded dissertation on any interest of nursing. We were given subtitles as guides but a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g in we wanted to type about we could. I found that really daunting as I kept thinking I am going to choose a topic that is really obvious.

I decided to do it on patient handover in hospital shifts of which I know may be boring to some but it is something of high importance for me. It needs to be changed - simple as that :) However, even though we were given five months to complete it. It has been nothing but five months of stress, panic, awful nights sleep and really bad mood swings. My Mum even said to me once how lucky I am to have such understanding friends from the amount of times I snapped at them.

Thank you guys and girls :)

Anyway, this Wednesday I finally handed it in and I cried big happy Crocodile tears. It has been a real struggle to fit in the research, literature appraisals, typing, supervisor meetings, edits, 4cm margins, working 12 hours every weekend as well as 40 hours nursing placement in the week. I have been super tired and super miserable!

And you know what?! I would never choose to do it over again but I am proud of myself. I know that whatever mark I get for it, it is my best possible work.

I just want to fulfil my dream of being a Nurse and 15,000 words on patient handover was not going to stop me. I get the results and my degree classification on 5th August 2010. All I can do is cross all fingers and toes - really hard :) For now I am just enjoying post dissertation life YAY!

And to those of you that sent me messages on my really rubbish days - a heartfelt thank you.


Colette said...

Well done Becca!

I'm really proud of you. With my course I had the option doing an extra module instead of a dissertation, and at the very last minute decided to go for the module. I would have loved to delve into a subject I'm really interested in but uni weren't able to provide me with a suitable supervisor. Sad times.

It's impossible to under how stressful and completely exhausting it is balancing university with a job unless you've done it, it's a hard, hard life. Sometimes you feel like you can't breath because of all the pressure and the fact you are totally exhausted and never get a moment to yourself. I really don't know you managed to add your placements and your social life on top of that without losing your mind.

All the hard work is so, so worth it, we'll be graduates very, very soon!

I'm gutted you have to wait until August for your degree results, I'm desperate to find out how you've done!

I know how hard you've worked and how long a road it's been, I had two friends studying nursing but both dropped out during their second year because they just coudn't handle the work load. You should be so, so proud.

Alex(andra) said...

This is seriously soo exciting!! I don't know how you did it, I certainly wouldn't have been able to! It sounds like a ridiculously stressful time, kudos to you for getting through it! And so many congratulations on completing it and living the post-dissertation dream.

Enjoy your new "free time"! (Because, really, who has free time anymore?!) =)

Patrice said...

Wow!! That is such an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations!! Enjoy being free for awhile! haha

Steph{anie} said...

I am so proud of you! There is so much work that goes into an assignment that big. Be proud of your accomplishment and the amazing feat you accomplished!!!! Miss talking to you...I need to email you soon!

Callie Nicole said...

Yay! It must be such a relief to be done with that. Congratulations!

Anne said...

Awesome! Way to go, girl!

Tarver said...

Thats so great, and I bet its such a relief to have it over!


Stacie said...

congratulations for getting it done. i am sure it is such a relief and weight lifted off your shoulders. good luck! keep us posted.

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