Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project 365 so far.

I have really enjoyed doing this photo/journalling project.

I love the fact that you do not have to be amazing at taking photos to capture the special moments. I can see why it is such a popular project to become apart of. Project 365 is where you take a photo everyday depicting your life. At first I thought I would get bored as I always forgot to take my camera out with me. However, once I got into a routine I found I wanted to take pictures of so many things. It has been amazing to see in just the first couple of months how many people are apart of my life. Also, what I have seen and done as well. Below is a video of my project so far and I hope it makes you think about participating in it at some point. I apologise if the video is blurry at times, the lighting in my room was rubbish! I am not a dab hand at camera work. 

My design kit is from Becky Higgins which is about £35/$40. It comes with everything you need! I have my project 365 link at the top of my blog. It has been really handy documenting it when I have not had my pictures developed.

Have a lovely week and enjoy.


Kristen said...

This is very impressive and don't worry about the camera quality. It stills shows how much you appreciate in your life.

I have said this before but I love your British accent lol.

Holly said...

This is awesome! I haven't printed any of my photos yet!

Janet said...

How absolutely lovely! And what a beautful voice you have! Its a great idea. Maybe I'll do it next year!

I do what I want! said...

I love your voice :) and accent!!!

This is such a cool project! I love it :)

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, it looks great! That is such a neat kit - it looks like it would make the project alot easier! I love photo albums too, instead of all just digital pictures. :-)
I love it when you do videos, because I like to listen to your accent! :-)

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