Friday, 28 May 2010

Beauty is its own excuse for being.

I remember when I was little girl stifling through my Mum's cosmetic bags and jewellery boxes. I remember for countless birthdays wanting a make-up set. This was because all I saw were people applying lipstick on in the street, powdering their faces in public bathrooms or listening to my older sister deciding what colour eye shadow to apply for the school disco. I did not get that make-up set until I was fourteen and that was only because I saved my pocket money up for it. My parents always refused to buy us cosmetics and they still do now. 

I was looking after a young girl yesterday at the hospital. She stood out because she wore so much make-up to the point I would not recognise her in public without it. All the nursing staff at handover were voicing that she probably had 'emotional problems' and used cosmetics as a way to conceal them. I am quite an open person and asked her about why she spends around 70 minutes daily applying layer upon layer of the vast liquids, powders, brushes and sprays. I will be honest. I was surprised at her response.

'Make-up is not my defence, it's my creative outlet. I like to be different characters. People spend vast amounts of money on shoes, perfumes, clothes and cars. Mine is make-up and I love being adventurous with it. So what if it is over the top? It's fun!'

I am the first to admit I hate all the media making us feel inadequate with the skinny waistlines, designer brands and calories in foods. I would have added make-up to that list as well but after speaking with this lovely girl I do not feel so insecure about saying I love wearing make-up.

I can go days without wearing it but I do enjoy putting on even if it is usually the same. My favourite piece of make-up is mascara. I think it makes your eyes stand out more and adds a little more drama. I have used the same one for years. 

I am not a lipstick or lip gloss lover. My hair always gets stuck in it and I kind of like the colour my lips anyway. I just have the essentials in my bag such as foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner and blusher. 

This girl I spoke with had three silver cases of the stuff. However, I am so pleased she was so honest because we can all say we don't understand why people where so much make-up. We can all say they are not being true to who they are but if they are happy then why not?

I don't see make-up as a defence either. I see it as an outlet to make you feel a little better about yourself. Who doesn't do that from time to time? There are times when I do feel weak and want to make myself feel more beautiful. And who's to say a little mascara doesn't make you feel more confident when you pop it on and look in the mirror?

Do you have a favourite piece of make-up, hair product or perfume that makes you feel a little more confident? I plan to do a blog post soon on tips people use with their products. It can be with styling, make-up, perfume or anything! Any make-up tips you have and want to share? Please do, I just want this to be fun =]


Kristen said...

I sometime see people and think blimey why wear so much. But like you said they are not harming anyone and in a way they are being true to themselves by ignoring others thoughts and doing it anyway!

I don't have many tips but I have one that I swear by. I dont know about you or others but i hate it when you swimming and your hair gets so tangled. Especially if you the beach all day or by the pool. It's a nightmare trying to get the knots out! So what I do is mix some conditioner with water and put it in a spritzer bottle. So every time I come out of the water I just spray some in and it stop it from knotting up. Hope that is a good tip for you.

Hope the nursing is going well.


Stacie said...

I think some people can pull off lots of makeup and some cannot. I take about 5 minutes or less to put on my makeup. It really shouldn't take any longer than that. (Now, if I am applying eyeliner, then I take a few minutes more.) But that's it. I believe makeup should be used to enhance our own natural beauty. (Side story: went camping many years ago with a group of folks I grew up with. The next morning we ladies were brushing our teeth and there was a girl I did not recognize. Well, I had known her for 10 years but had no idea she had freckles b/c she always wore so much make up.) Be yourself- just better! :)

Janet said...

What an interesting outlook! Being middle-aged, my foundation is an integral part of my make-up routine! Don't have that fresh, glowing look anymore! Also cannot do without my hairspray - my hair is so thin and fine, it would blow out of style in 30 seconds if I left it! Ha! It's tough getting old!! LOL!

Allie Garcia said...

such a good perspective! i have luke warm feelings about make up. i wear it because i honestly look better with it, and that was why people invented it in the first place i guess. i love girls who are stylish and dont wear make up. beautiful confidence!

I do what I want! said...

I barely wear makeup unless I'm going out. Usually just a bit of mascara and foundation during the day. i can't even imagine spending 70 min per day applying makeup. crazy!

Callie Nicole said...

I love make-up too - like you said, it just helps me feel more put-together and confident.
My make-up tip would be to use translucent powder over foundation or concealer. It helps set it in place so it lasts longer, and it makes the whole appearance of your touched-up skin smoother and more natural-looking. Plus it helps with shine. I seriously can't go without it.

Anne said...

Interesting perspective! I also didn't wear much makeup growing up. It was my husband who encouraged me to wear more -- not because he didn't think I was beautiful, but he thought it would help me with how I viewed myself -- more of a self-confidence thing. He was so right.

I love using Bare Essentuals "Prime Time" primer on my face before putting on my makeup to help my makeup stay in place all day. I also use "mineral veil" over the top to help eleminate shine and blend everything together.

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