Friday, 28 May 2010

Beauty is its own excuse for being.

I remember when I was little girl stifling through my Mum's cosmetic bags and jewellery boxes. I remember for countless birthdays wanting a make-up set. This was because all I saw were people applying lipstick on in the street, powdering their faces in public bathrooms or listening to my older sister deciding what colour eye shadow to apply for the school disco. I did not get that make-up set until I was fourteen and that was only because I saved my pocket money up for it. My parents always refused to buy us cosmetics and they still do now. 

I was looking after a young girl yesterday at the hospital. She stood out because she wore so much make-up to the point I would not recognise her in public without it. All the nursing staff at handover were voicing that she probably had 'emotional problems' and used cosmetics as a way to conceal them. I am quite an open person and asked her about why she spends around 70 minutes daily applying layer upon layer of the vast liquids, powders, brushes and sprays. I will be honest. I was surprised at her response.

'Make-up is not my defence, it's my creative outlet. I like to be different characters. People spend vast amounts of money on shoes, perfumes, clothes and cars. Mine is make-up and I love being adventurous with it. So what if it is over the top? It's fun!'

I am the first to admit I hate all the media making us feel inadequate with the skinny waistlines, designer brands and calories in foods. I would have added make-up to that list as well but after speaking with this lovely girl I do not feel so insecure about saying I love wearing make-up.

I can go days without wearing it but I do enjoy putting on even if it is usually the same. My favourite piece of make-up is mascara. I think it makes your eyes stand out more and adds a little more drama. I have used the same one for years. 

I am not a lipstick or lip gloss lover. My hair always gets stuck in it and I kind of like the colour my lips anyway. I just have the essentials in my bag such as foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner and blusher. 

This girl I spoke with had three silver cases of the stuff. However, I am so pleased she was so honest because we can all say we don't understand why people where so much make-up. We can all say they are not being true to who they are but if they are happy then why not?

I don't see make-up as a defence either. I see it as an outlet to make you feel a little better about yourself. Who doesn't do that from time to time? There are times when I do feel weak and want to make myself feel more beautiful. And who's to say a little mascara doesn't make you feel more confident when you pop it on and look in the mirror?

Do you have a favourite piece of make-up, hair product or perfume that makes you feel a little more confident? I plan to do a blog post soon on tips people use with their products. It can be with styling, make-up, perfume or anything! Any make-up tips you have and want to share? Please do, I just want this to be fun =]

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Family.

It is slowly becoming apparent to me that I like weeks or days celebrating something. Like the National Sandwich Day post. However this week in the United Kingdom it is a special week that I think should be rejoiced everyday. Yet, I am pleased it is recognised.

National Family Week.

I remember taking part in National Family Week at school and youth club. We would do activities centred around family members and what they meant to us. They also participate in the hospital I work at. Since we work alongside families and relatives everyday. I know I have mentioned my family on here before but I want to introduce them properly. They may all get on my nerves from time to time but I spend the best part of my days, weeks, months and years with them. This is just my immediate family who I am all so proud of.


This is my Dad and his name is Chris. This is an old picture from 1992 and the only picture of him on my PC. But if there is one thing you should know about my Dad is that he hates having his picture taken. This is why this photo means so much to me because he didn't realise it was being taken :) My Dad loves Football, Gardening, Cookery shows and the Motor sport. He also enjoys going to the theatre which is where I got my love for it from. He works for a huge parcel delivering firm at the moment. He is an only child so I think it is a blessing to him to have four children. One of the aspects I love about my Dad is that he hardly ever calls any of us by our name. He is always calling us his sweetheart, darling, my love or cakey.


My Mum Sally is my favourite person. I could not live without her. She works as a carer and always wanted to go into the Nursing profession. I have inherited a lot of her people skills from her which I am so thankful for. She instils the essence of what it means to be a family and is always here for us. She is super woman! My Mum adores going out with her friends, she loves going to the theatre but not a massive movie fan. She enjoys reading and watching medical shows. Her one favourite thing to do is go on holiday and now we are all older she is venturing to places she has always wanted to go but were never affordable before. I am indebted to her love, generosity and kind spirit.


This is my older sister Nicola (with her partner of 8 years Robbie). She is 7 years older than me and we never got on together as we grew up - typical fighting siblings! Since she moved out years ago we have developed a much better relationship and plan things together now :) Nicola is such a hard worker and has gained promotion after promotion in her finance job. She is a massive Cat lover! (I think all the Cats we have ever had have been hers!). She met Robbie when she was 18 at college and they have been inseparable ever since. Her favourite colour is yellow (like me!), she has the most infectious laugh and she loves planning surprises for people. Everything she has achieved in life she has 100% deserved.


Where do I start with this stinker? Rach is my younger sister by two years and boy does she have a personality! When you first meet her she is as shy as anything but when you get to know her she is a feisty lady. She is vivacious and lives very much in the moment. She likes to argue until proven right, loves the colour purple, enjoys being out rather than in. We are both absolutely in love with Glee! She is the biggest bookworm - she goes through about 2-3 books a week. The older she has gotten the more the girly she has become. She works daily in a golf club which may not be the most exciting thing for a 19 year old to do but she is happy and content :)


I was actually impressed to find a picture of Philip my younger brother smiling. It's a rarity I assure you. He is the quiet member of our family and very much keeps himself to himself. He is a typical growing 17 year old man teenager though. Hates brushing his hair, showering is seen as an effort and nothing is better than his XBOX 360. If there is one aspect of Philip I admire though is his determination despite the odds. He has always struggled at school due his dyslexia and reading skills but he never moans. He just gets on with it and has dreams of being a graphic designer. He loves comedy shows and has a very dry sense of humour. I love that he is 'Philip' and accepts himself 100% for who he is. He would never change for anybody but himself. He is a credit to our family and I do feel sorry that he is lumbered with three sisters hehe.

I love my family to pieces! As much as there are times I could kill them, I would kill to have them in my life always. I appreciate them all for who they are so much. This week just highlights that we are who we are due to our family and relatives and I would not have it any other way.

Hopefully this has encouraged to do a post introducing your family members :) 

Happy Family Week.

Monday, 17 May 2010

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich" - James Beard.

I found out today that it is International Sandwich Day.

I must admit it is quite a quirky topic to have a special day for. Alas, it did make me hungry though :)

I am not very adventurous when it comes to making sandwiches. I tend to have the same nearly everyday at work. So therefore my everyday sandwich is my favourite one.

Ham  Lettuce & Tomato on Brown Bread.
And the more tomato the better.
A bit like this one just without the cheese and un-toasted bread.

Like I said not very "out there" but I find it fills me and when dipped in a little mayonnaise it is delicious. I was never a fan of sandwiches when I was younger. I always had an image of when I got sand in my sandwich on holiday once, was not appetising. However, within the last couple of years I have grown more into them.

So in light of this international celebration of sandwiches...and I hope your are a little more creative than me...

What is your favourite Sandwich!?

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I {heart} nurses.

Did you know that today is Florence Nightingale's birthday? One of the first people ever to promote the idea of the nursing role. As a result it is National Nursing Day.

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by Jennifer. She wanted to know if she could write a piece about nursing for this blog. I jumped at the chance and what a better day to post on. I am so proud to be entering the nursing profession this year. I count everything I have learnt and the people I have cared for as a huge blessing. I cannot imagine myself doing anything but nursing. Below are Jennifer's 10 personal qualities a nurse should possess - enjoy :).

Nurse Appreciation: 10 Personal Qualities that Heal

Whether you're a patient, a health care professional, or just a fan of medical shows on TV, you've probably got your own strong opinions of nurses. A great nurse can make all the difference when you're in the hospital or doctor's office as an anxious patient or family member of a sick or injured one, and a collaborative, professional nurse is a welcome colleague when you're running around trying to do your own job in a clinic or hospital all day. And if you're the fan of the TV nurse, you may prefer your nurse to be a little less orthodox. Below, though, let's take a minute to show some real appreciation for the nurses who turn hospitals and health care facilities from scary, stressful places into comforting, productive ones. Here are 10 healing qualities of favorite nurses. Feel free to leave your awesome nurse experiences in the comments, too.
  1. Insightful: If you're a patient or family member of a patient, you're probably dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, and even fear. You rely on nurses who can anticipate your needs before you even realize them yourself.
  2. Respectful: No one reacts to sickness or injury the same way, which is why it's so important to have a nurse who respects your reactions, your lifestyle, and your personal privacy no matter how different you are from each other.
  3. Leadership: Doctors may have a higher degree and more responsibility when it comes to overseeing your care, but many times nurses have more face time with their patients. It's up to nurses to act as leaders for the family and other assistants and medical team members rushing in and out of the patient's room. If you're a medical professional, it's always good to have a nurse who's a great leader on your side, too.
  4. Adaptable: Whether you work or are a patient in a nursing home, hospital, doctor's office or other facility, you know that things change all the time. A good nurse won't be thrown by these changes and will instead know how to adapt quickly to the situation.
  5. Positivity: Who wants a pessimistic nurse? Even if things are going badly at work or with a patient, top nurses try to stay positive, at least on the outside.
  6. Cooperative: In the medical field, you've probably noticed lots of professionals with major egos. But patients need cooperative teams made up of all types of doctors, nurses and assistants to put away their egos and work together for their own health and safety.
  7. Committed: You can't expect a nurse to give up his or her home life just to sit by your bedside. But while they're at work, nurses should be fully committed and focused on the job at hand.
  8. Inspiring: Stand-out nurses aren't just great workers or comforting to patients -- they're also inspirational. They stand up for patients' and nurses' rights, serve as mentors to younger nurses, and manage to juggle a whirlwind of responsibilities and emotions day after day without losing their composure.
  9. Sympathetic: A sympathetic nurse understands that patients aren't used to being in the hospital and don't understand all of the chaos going on around them and will try to make the experience as painless as possible.
  10. A good communicator: Nurses have to have excellent communication skills, jumping from technical conversations with doctors to simplified explanations for patients. And a truly great nurse will also be able to use body language and unspoken communication to comfort his or her patients as well.
This guest post is contributed by Jennifer Johnson, who writes on the topics of Nurse Practitioner School.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id:  

So what are your experiences from nurses or nursing care you have received?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Project 365 so far.

I have really enjoyed doing this photo/journalling project.

I love the fact that you do not have to be amazing at taking photos to capture the special moments. I can see why it is such a popular project to become apart of. Project 365 is where you take a photo everyday depicting your life. At first I thought I would get bored as I always forgot to take my camera out with me. However, once I got into a routine I found I wanted to take pictures of so many things. It has been amazing to see in just the first couple of months how many people are apart of my life. Also, what I have seen and done as well. Below is a video of my project so far and I hope it makes you think about participating in it at some point. I apologise if the video is blurry at times, the lighting in my room was rubbish! I am not a dab hand at camera work. 

My design kit is from Becky Higgins which is about £35/$40. It comes with everything you need! I have my project 365 link at the top of my blog. It has been really handy documenting it when I have not had my pictures developed.

Have a lovely week and enjoy.
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