Monday, 26 April 2010

Strange Dreams

I am not much of a dreamer at night. If I do have a dream it is very quickly forgotten about as soon as I wake up. Even the nasty ones, which I am thankful for.

Lately, I have actually been waking up in the night due to my dreams and they are so real. It is getting to the point where I don't enjoy going to bed at night. Simply because I know my dreams disturb my sleep and I am cranky in the morning. Secondly, I am beginning to worry about what I will dream about. They are so different every night. I would understand if there was a running trend to my dreams like water, darkness etc.

Courtesy of We Heart It.

Last week I dreamt that I lost my dissertation and I made myself get up at 4am to check it was still on my computer. A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was in a school at night and was frantically trying to escape. Then last night I dreamt that I was on a swing and kept getting bitten by animals! 

I used to be a great believer of dreams and their meanings but have since not been that interested. I do believe dreams reveal our inner thoughts and feelings without us realising. Yet, I never remember my dreams so I was not really bothered...until now.

I really want this dream phase to be over. I am not feeling overly stressed at the moment, considering I have two weeks off from university/placement. If only I could dream about being on a beach holiday or that I could dream about all the time :)

Have you ever gone through a spell where your dreams are really vivid? Or do you not remember them at all?


Alex(andra) said...

My dreams have been crazy real lately too... Maybe it's the season change? But sadly, I've always been able to remember my dreams for awhile after getting up, which is bad for the nightmares. Ick. I hope they go back to normal for you soon!

Anne said...

I went through a phase for several months with dreams so real I was afraid to fall asleep. It was brutal. They are less vivid now, but often disturbing and random. Sometimes I wake up very startled...and I always remember them.

Tarver said...

I go through phases of dreaming like that all the time, it usually happens when I'm getting to know new people and they'll just randomly show up in my dream.

Callie Nicole said...

I do have phases with weird dreams, usually when I'm stressed or something. But sometimes they just come for no reason too. I'm sure it won't last too long!

Samantha said...

Oh hon, that's not nice, maybe you are just stressed because of all the work you've been doing lately. Stressful time for you with dissertation and all!

I have crazy dreams, like last night I dreamt I was on a roadtrip with the cast of Dawson's Creek...wait for it...and a gnome. No joke! Then my manager from work came after us all with a rifle. I think I'm disturbed in all honesty!

Hope you can get a good night's sleep soon, try some warm milk or something to help you relax before bed.

Janet said...

I've been having really bad dreams lately, but then I am very stressed at the moment so I know that my mind is running away with me. I think you have so much on your mind with finishing your studies and starting your new job - over active - that's what it is! Good luck though and I hope you have some rest soon!

Anonymous said...

My dreams do not revolve around stress. I have "regular" and then the "memory" dreams. The "memory" ones leave me feeling homesick when I wake. I recall whole conversations, poems, faces, personalities, people and their history, smells, tastes, textures, the sound of their voices. Some days some are like going home. Some are so violent I think I must be crazy to have such things in my head. I wish I knew why.

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