Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Audrey's Story.

I remember when I first got into blogging I came across Angie Smith's blog. She was expecting her fourth daughter at the time. Unfortunately, her sweet Audrey Caroline passed away 2 1/2 hours after birth. The one aspect that I find awe-inspiring of the Smith family was how they never gave up hope! There was not for one second any doubt that a miracle could not happen from the time of diagnosis to her passing.

Today is Audrey's 2nd birthday. The video below is Angie's creation that she made as a legacy to Audrey. Audrey's story has had a profound effect on me and she really takes me breath away. I have only watched it a couple of times and it leaves me in tears for a little baby who stole so many hearts :)

Please take the time to watch this beautiful story that is still being written.

Sweet Audrey-Girl from angie smith on Vimeo.

"This is our beautiful fourth daughter Audrey Caroline, and we marvel at the miracle that she was to us, even in just 2 1/2 hours. God never sees the story broken and in pieces the way we do; He sees it as part of the magnificent tapestry of our lives, bringing Him the glory He deserves. " - Angie Smith, (Audrey's proud Mum :)

May peace be with you today and always.


Kristen said...

I am so glad you posted this Rebecca. I was left very choked up but what a beautiful baby! I hope today is a day of celebration for them, a celebration for the life of a sweet baby who has most definitely taken my breath away.

Alex(andra) said...

Angie's was the first blog I followed too. I don't even think I made it all the way through the video the first time I watched it. I was a bit of a wreck. Beautiful video though. And I'm so happy that little Charlotte will be making her debut soon. What a wonderful family.

Ioana said...

I have been thinking about the Smiths this week, especially these last couple of days,and I think that it's so nice of you to post this. Audrey was a wonder that touched many hearts.

PS. I came by from Amanda @teasinglydiverse. :)

Callie Nicole said...

That must have been so hard - but I love the quote at the end. What a wonderful outlook to have in the face of something so tragic! I'll be praying for them.

Janet said...

Very special blog today. Thank you for sharing. I used to read Angie's blog too and somehow lost the link. Thanks for re-connecting me!
Special hugs from SA!

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