Sunday, 21 February 2010

Great Weekend.

The only bad things about weekends is why do they go so quickly?! I am sure you all agree :)

At the beginning of last week I had been dreading this weekend, even though I had planned what I have done. On Friday it marked the 15 year anniversary since my Granddad passed away. My whole family, particularly my Mum, struggle with this time of year. Simply because we miss him terribly and I feel he was taken from us far too soon. I feel we can all relate to that with someone or something we have lost. Therefore, I was not really in the mood to do anything apart from look at old photo albums of him and smile at them.

However, my weekend was far from the tinge of dread I feared.

During the week my lovely friend Lotte offered me a ticket to see Kelly Clarkson on Friday. I like her music. I like her songs and I like her as a person. I am usually only willing to pay the price of expensive concert tickets if I LOVE them. I was more excited to spending the evening with Lotte as I was just not 'feeling it' that day. On the day I was only really wanting to go to get me away from missing him. It sounds terrible doesn't it?

I take it all back.

Kelly Clarkson was stunning. I was expecting this mass production of glamour and amazing lights like all the concerts I usually see (I know for a fact when I see Lady Gaga this week it will be like that!). It was far from that. She came on in jeans, converses and a grey t-shirt. She sat on a stool for the majority of it and the set was just her band. There was nothing over the top and the best part?! She kept 16,000 people transfixed the whole way through. It was so refreshing to just listen to her voice instead of jumping up and down like a crazy moose :). She came across really genuine and I cried when she sung 'Already Gone' because on that day particularly I could relate to it on another level. I am so glad I went. I LOVE her now.

My camera took rubbish pictures inside but this is Wembley Arena. The concert venue.

I was also dreading Saturday because I had to work from 8am to 10pm bleugh! Then afterwards I had to go out to a nightclub for my friend Andy's 21st birthday. My mentality all week to this was that I would be just too tired. I was even coming up with excuses not to go. 

I had a blast!

The music was wicked and the energy was awesome. I got to wear a nice dress instead of work uniform for once, this made me feel very girly :) Yet, the best part was spending the evening and catching up with these lovely men.

James, Jimmy, Andy and Danny.

I hardly see these guys because I am always so busy at the moment and I feel guilty for it. However, they helped celebrate Andy's birthday brilliantly and made me realise how much I miss them! Getting in at 3am was worth it I tell you :)

There was a Blues Brothers mix of songs in the club so the lads all bought hats to dance along to it with. They bought me a green cowgirl one to shake my tail feather with:)

And today, after I woke up at lunchtime, I just relaxed and put all my developed photos into my 365 project. I will do a v-log of how it is coming together soon - I promise. I feel so relaxed after what was a great weekend! I love the fact it was the complete opposite to what I was feeling and expected. I wonder if the Lady Gaga gig on Friday can top it?

We'll see.

Did you all have a good weekend?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Birthday's are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake.

and I ate a lot of cake...

Thank you for all the birthday messages I received. They meant so much and I had a lovely day/weekend. I thought I would do a post on a recap of my birthday, to serve as a reminder of a brilliant milestone. I love reflecting.

I started my birthday celebrations last Saturday. It is always good to start early in my book :) I went out with three good friends I went to college with. We are all at different stages in our Nursing and I love meeting up with them. I just love them. Unfortunately I forgot my camera - typical! We went out to an Italian place that had just opened. It was awful. The food choice was limited, we waited nearly 90 minutes for our food, not offered dessert (the best bit!) and were pretty much ignored. I could have cried that a celebration of my birthday was going so badly. However, we all kept up our humour and had a laugh. We got 50% off our food bill because we were so unhappy with the service. The funniest part? We ended up having our dessert in MacDonalds. McFlurries all round!!! It was SUCH a giggle and I can't help but look back and smile!

The girls gave this lovely WestWood Rocks bracelet they had designed. It is engraved with my birth date the year I turn 21! (Us English write our dates differently to the USA).

On the Sunday I went out with a couple of my very close best friends I have known for ages. They are such a blessing. We went to one of my favourite restaurants - Bluebeckers. They surprised me with chocolate cake and balloons. Also, they bought me a nursing watch, necklace, candle and a SPA DAY! I was in my element :)

Kathryn, Me, Becca and Sacha at Bluebeckers.

The next day was my birthday - 8th February 2010. Ever since I was a little girl my Mum has always set mine and her alarm to the time I was born (06.28am). I would just like to point out it is the only time she ever sets my alarm haha! It is a tradition I will miss her doing when I leave home. I had to be up early anyway as I still had to do my nursing shift at the hospital. However, all my family got up and they showed me the video they had made with my friends. I loved it and many happy tears were shed. 

You can see the video here.

Luckily my nursing shift went quite quickly. The patients were an absolute pleasure to care for. All the nursing staff sang happy birthday and we had cake! When I arrived home it was present time :) I was very spoilt and as one of four children that is very rare! I received plenty of money which will go towards my Paris trip next month :). I also opened up a new PURPLE digital camera, lots more jewellery, perfume and tickets to see Hairspray the musical this Saturday. I am so excited!!! 

However, there was one gift I was not expecting one bit. Do you remember when you were at school and there were all the new crazes? I was so jealous of the kids that had the tamagotchi's, the micro scooters, the funky skipping ropes and the new swarkovski watches. My parents simply could not afford for four kids to keep up with them. Well about 3 years ago Links of London became very popular...and expensive. I remember asking (more like trying my luck) for one of their 'sweetie charm bracelets' and the answer was a firm no! 

It was worth the wait in white gold :)

I have salivated over this bracelet for some time. It does not look much at the moment but once I build up the charms it is worth it. My parents put a strawberry charm on it. This is because one of their favourite memories of me as a child was every Saturday morning, without fail I would say, "Are we going to the Strawberry farm ever again?." I just adore it :)

Plus, after our family meal there was more cake...

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special.

Monday, 8 February 2010

I'm 21 Today!!!

Today is my birthday and I have turned 21 years old!

I am having such a lovely day. Below is a video some of my close friends and family made for me. It is a collection of photos of my life so far. I was so surprised and deeply grateful for the amazing effort. I was crying so much throughout it. Without a doubt one of the best presents I have received - ever.

I love birthdays :)

Monday, 1 February 2010


Whilst I was at placement today I got chatting to another Nurse about life choices. We got onto the topic of marriage and meeting men. She asked me what I look for in a male, I explained, and her reply was 'you have far too high standards young lady and that is unfair'.

I could not help but feel really insulted. I could have just slapped gently nudged her for calling me 'young lady' in the tone she said it in. However, I could not help but feel really offended by her comment. Simply because I do not feel I have 'too high standards' as she put.

I think it is fair to say that with all your partners or a potential someone that you look for a person who makes you laugh, makes you feel good and is appreciative. There is a longer list there out. I said the 'gist' of that to her but I also said this.

1) I want the person I meet to not smoke - My Dad smoked 20 cigarettes a day until he had a huge Lung Cancer scare in 2003. It was awful. He went cold turkey immediately and has not smoked since. Therefore, I do not want to be with someone who I see as putting their life in danger like my Dad did.

2) To be taller than me - I do not see this as asking for much. I am 5"5 so most people are taller than me anyway! I just feel more protected with taller people :)

3) To have ambition/following through with their life goal - The Nurse misinterpreted this as being educated with a degree. NO! I just want the guy I meet to be happy with their job or career, whatever that may be. My ex boyfriend hated his job and always moaned about it. It was the first thing he would say on the phone to me and most probably the last. It just got me down and really complacent with him. So after we broke up I realised I needed to be with someone who is satisfied (not asking for jumping for joy), just content with where they are heading in life. Whether that is on the shop floor or transplanting hearts. I do not care.

I did say that in short hand to her and maybe since writing that it can be interpreted as having too high standards/being too picky.

But we all have standards right?  How can that be unfair?

Let me know what you think.
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