Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Time.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas this year.

I truly hope that each and every one of you has a magical time this holiday. I know many have struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I know I have. However, I will always believe that Christmas waves this magic wand over the world. And hopefully, even for just a couple of hours or days everything seems much softer, more beautiful and memorable.

I hope that your best Yuletide decoration this year is that your're all wreathed in smiles and good will.

Have a blissful time wherever you are or whoever your're with. I received some lovely black boots this year from Santa :)

If I do not speak,chat, message or twitter with you this side of 2009 then I wish you a brilliant start to 2010!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My 2010: Project Life.

Hi everyone!

I have something I would love to share with you all :)

It is not long now until we hear the clock strike midnight in a couple of weeks to ring in another new year. A new decade. I am not one for new years resolutions, they go out of the window by lunchtime on new years day!

My Grandma has been pestering my Mum and I to find out what I would like as a Christmas gift this year and to be honest there isn't anything I particularly want/need. My Grandma doesn't like getting 'typical' gifts like CD's, DVD's or perfume. The gift has to be something significant and poignant from herself. It is one of the many things I adore about her! Therefore, I knew I had to get my thinking cap on :)

I have heard many people take part in a creative project called 'Project: 365.' It is where you take a picture everyday for a year and scrapbook it into an album. Then at the end of that year you look back at everything you have seen, achieved, disliked and loved. I first heard about it last year and the thought was appealing but me creative? I think not. Then I read on Becky Higgins blog that she had designed a new 'Project: 365' kit. Everything is designed in the kit from folders, to stamps and journalling cards. The colours are really pretty as well. All I have to do is take the photo and print. I love it so much and the price is fantastic as well :)

This is without a doubt one of the best gifts I will ever receive :) 2010 is going to be a 'big' year for me. I turn 21, earn my nursing degree, get my dream job and I have many other activities I am excited for. I cannot wait to take pictures, print and journal about this upcoming year. I already know it will be a year I will never forget - and 2009 hasn't even ended yet!

Appreciate the Past. Make the most of the Present. Live for the Future.

Is there anything your doing with your 2010 next year?!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Cookie Recipe Exchange.

I was so excited last week to hear that Jessica over at The Mom Creative was doing a Cookie Recipe Exchange. It started yesterday but unfortunately I was unwell so have decided to take part today :)

I have the biggest sweet tooth - seriously when I go to a restaurant I look at the dessert menu before anything else.

One of the biggest things I associate with Christmas are smells/aromas of cooking and baking. I always have to bake at least one sweet thing in this festive period. I am not a fan of cookies but I LOVE brownies! Who doesn't? So I have decided to share with you my favourite recipe and encourage you to share your favourite baking recipe on your blog using this super cute button below.

Snow-Flecked Christmas Brownies.

You will need:

  • 375g of dark chocolate
  • 375g unsalted butter (make sure it is at room temperature)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract - make sure you smell it, it's lovely :)
  • 6 eggs
  • 350g sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 225g plain flour
  • 250g white chocolate buttons or cubes.

1. Preheat the oven at around 180C or gas mark 4.
2. Grease your brownie tin at the base and sides.
3. Melt the butter and dark chocolate together  - I love the marble effect at this bit :)
4. In a separate bowl or measuring jug beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla extract.
5. Measure the flour into another bowl and add the salt to it.
6.When the chocolate mixture has melted let it cool a little bit before mixing in the eggs and sugar, and then the flour.
7. Then finally the best bit! Fold in the white chocolate buttons. Beat to combine smoothly and then scrape it out into your greased baking tin.
Bake for about 25 mins.
Just a little note, when the top has gone a little paler it means the middle is still very gooey and warm. Yum yum yum!!! You can sieve icing sugar on top to give it a snowy effect :)

It should feed between 8-10 people.
So....what's your favourite baking recipe? Please share and if you can link back on Jess's blog as she is doing a scrummy give-away!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

I am Addicted <3

You know how everyone has a certain accessory or item of clothing they forever change? Believe me my sister is forever getting new boots! Mine is mobile phones. I get SO bored SO easily of mobiles. I constantly have to be updated with the newest model. It is just my 'thing' I guess.

Well this week I got the Blackberry 8900 curve. I am in love :)

I have to admit it isn't the nicest looking phone I have ever had but it has everything I have ever wanted. Everything is so easily accessible internet, music, messaging etc and it is cheaper than my old contract. I have 1000 free messages and unlimited free internet and calls :) Heaven! 

So forgive me if I am a little absent from my blog as I barely turn my computer on at the moment because my Mum says 'I constantly have my phone surgically attached to me' - thanks Mum :) 

Do you have something you always change or update?

Also in other news, one of my recent posts I mentioned that my blogging pal Patrice's sister was being tested for Cancer. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma - a type of bone cancer. They have found it early and they are treating it right away! It's game on from here and you can read their story and updates on Anna's Caring bridge site. This family is incredible, their strength and determination is inspiring :)

Have a great weekend.

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