Sunday, 8 November 2009

For You, Friend

'And you help me realise that all the things I want to be...I already am.'

In a matter of a couple of weeks the 15 month streak of not seeing each other will end. I cannot wait to see you. I could curse you for living in Spain, I could resent you for still living in Spain. However, if it wasn't for that country I would never have met you.

I still remember the day we met in the pool. I believe we were playing sharks and you were tying to rescue us and take us to safety in a rubber yellow boat. Even at 15 we had slightly obscure imaginations. In fact, I clearly remember Hannah saying 'It is boiling hot and sunny, we could sunbathe and slide down the shoots all day and what do we do? Play Sharks, what else?!' I think I held one of the best conversations with you in that boat.

It was the day I got to know Oliver Braybrook - 'Oli ' :)

I think that day transcended a picket line of great conversations, laughter, arguments, tears and a vast collection of air miles between us in visits. You were my first love, read me my first love poem and took me go-carting for the first time ever. Yet, more importantly you were the first guy to genuinely take the time to just listen and be grateful for our company. You were the first guy to be really protective but at the same time let me just be who I wanted to be. I know that does not come easily.

Do you remember our first real argument? I do. We were sitting outside the Aloha bar and you felt that I had not told you "something". It was so petty I cannot even recollect what it was about. I just vividly remember crying and us storming off in different directions and wanting to get on a plane away from you because it was just not like us. And with all that set aside I treasure it because friendship isn't worth the tears unless the friend is. I treasure all the funny moments, all the moments I wanted to knock our heads together, all the tears shed and times laughed at. This is because I know in years to come we will be sitting somewhere just cracking up at all the memories we have made.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world Oli because I know that whatever path we take, we will carry a little bit of each other everywhere. There are times when I am frightened of my future and there have been times when the past has caught up with me. But you have stuck at your roots and remained at my side throughout it all. I trust that when people may shake me the hand of hope. I know you will always be tightly holding mine and I cannot thank you enough for that.

You will always be special to me. In fact, let me rephrase that. You are very special to me. It has been too long and I cannot wait to spend a whole weekend in your company.

How you have dealt with my female hormones? I will never know.

Could I ever forget you? You wouldn't let me if I tried :)


I do what I want! said...

Please tell me he is going to read this.
I love this.
He sounds like the best guy friend ever!
I'm so excited for you to get to see him! You look so happy in those pics!

Alex(andra) said...

Awww! I'm excited that you get to see him, too!! =) Have an amazing time, and don't forget to let us know how great it was!

Janet said...

What a special friendship, and I think his visit is coming at just the right time! You're clearly a wonderful young lady and I am sure he treasures your friendship just as much!

Candy Hart said...

Wow - you sure you are just friends? He looks like a keeper to me!!!

enjoy spending time with him and post some snaps for us lonely hearts club members!!!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

This is so cute! It's awesome to have guy friends like this :)

Suki said...

Guy friends are just awesome. It would be lovely if he would read it!

I do what I want! said...

My blog post today is dedicated to you my dear friend :)

Kristen said...

I hope he read this rebecca. A true testament that good friendship can withstand anything.

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