Thursday, 22 October 2009

History Repeating Itself?

I am quite careful to talk about politics as I think it is a subject that can easily offend people if not respected in the right context. As a result, I very rarely bring it up with people, my blog or in general conversation.

However, there is a big political debate happening over here in the United Kingdom that may sound trivial to some but is of something highly important to me. 

As with many nations politics is built up around political parties and we vote for which one we support the most in terms of views, legislation and respect etc. In the UK we have smaller political parties and one of them is called The British National Party (BNP). They are a party who are will only allow white people to represent them, they believe in fascism and completely agree with war to sort out 'issues.' Maybe you can see why the British do not want them represented in parliament when they received 0.4% of the vote in the most recent elections. When over half that figure were actual members of the party itself.

In spite of this the debate that has circulated here is that on TV we have a popular and very insightful political show that airs weekly. It appeals to so many generations and is so easy to understand. It is actually what got me interested in voting and taking political stances :)

This week the BNP will be represented on this show for the first time ever since they came together in World War 2. There is outrage and protests because people do not want them on in their living room. It is costing the government out of our own tax money £2000,000 to protect them.

At first I was quite interested to hear they were going on. I wanted to hear their views. After all we don't all believe and vote for the same thing do we? I thought it was time they had their 'moment' as it were...until yesterday when the leader Nick Griffin said this:

'I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion once held that the world was flat. I have reached the conclusion that the Holocaust was a tale and is a mixture of allied propaganda, extremely profitable lie and the witch-craft hysteria. It was the Holo-Hoax.'

How politically minded is someone to refer to people as being turned into Lampshades, seriously?

He also went on in his speech to say that there were no such things as gas chambers or concentration camps. I have friends who practice Judaism and are very hurt by this. Can you see why there is so much angst?

Below is a small clip of him talking about if he was in power he would send all people who are not British home to where 'they belong.'

I know that this post may lose some of my credibility but I and many others are so offended by his actions and words. I am not oblivious that these behaviours still exist today. Yet, this does not make me feel proud to be British knowing that they think they are representing Great Britain in all this. :(

I, for one, will not be tuning in tonight.

Friday, 16 October 2009

You made my day today you know...

Today has been a 'bleugh' day as I call it. I found out I passed my acute care module which was SO hard and I was over the moon. Nobody could have wiped the smile from my face. :)

It did.

Then my shift at my nursing placement just went manic! I had to deal with the rudest doctors I have ever encountered, relatives making formal complaints to me about the rudeness of the doctors, two people who I nursed a lot passed away without any real sign they were going too :(, the phone would not stop ringing off the hook, people were not following infection control precautions and I just felt completely suffocated. I did not know whether to laugh, explode or just cry!

I kept telling myself - this is not what Nursing should be like. Even though it will sometimes. At the end of my shift I felt for the first what I hadn't in a long while. Disheartened. Then I got home and logged into my emails. I saw this email from Steve that I very nearly deleted thinking it was spam. I praise anyone that I did not because it was the best email I have EVER received.

This speaks out to all Nurses I have ever met and all student nurses training. It spoke out to me wondrously and it truly has made my day.

Hey Rebecca!

I read your post about not knowing which of the many, many fields of nursing you want to enter -- that will come...  Sometimes it's not so easy deciding exactly how you want to help people when there are so many ways, and so many who need help...  You've got time -- even 10 years into your career you may find a perfect fit -- but you'll have been doing good things in the meanwhile...

I haven't read a lot of your posts, Rebecca -- but the few I have read show wonderful writing skills, and compassion...  I have a feeling that you're going to be an amazing nurse, whatever field or fields you choose...

You know I have cystic fibrosis -- and now I have two beautiful, new lungs...  I've been in and out of hospitals all of my life.  From my early teens until my transplant, about 30 years, I spent somewhere between 2 and 5 weeks hospitalized yearly...  I had hundreds of nurses who took incredible care of me.  I wish I could go back and thank every single one of them -- so many of them would be amazed that I'm still alive...  I'd like to thank them because each one of them had a hand in keeping me alive.  And I really kinda like being alive!

In your career, you've going to have days where you feel nursing is a thankless job -- you're going to be dealing with patients who are depressed and discouraged -- patients who are in pain -- patients who are just pissed off at the world and everything and everyone in it -- and then you're going to walk into the room wanting to give them some meds that might make them feel worse, give them a jab, do some procedure that will frustrate them further...  I've always done my bestest to be thankful for everything people like you have done for me -- and to smile and say "thank you"...  (Sometimes I think it was a good survival technique -- when my nurses knew that I was in pain, yet I could make eye contact with them, smile and thank them -- they always came running when I needed something...)  I also know that there were times when I was frustrated and didn't thank someone -- and I regretted it later...  But I know that, deep down, they knew how thankful I was -- and I knew that whatever they were doing, their goal was to try to help me...  I think about all those nurses often now -- and there will be people thinking about you in the future...

You take care...  I'm proud of you.  Why don't you think about the field of transplant -- we cover the bases from heart breaking to insanely rewarding -- sometimes all in one day...  Whatever field you enter -- I believe that you will be an awesome nurse...

Love, Steve

No matter how hard this training is there are always people out there, who we may have yet to meet, to make it feel 100% worth it. Thank you so much.

Have you ever received something that has just made you feel that what you do is completely worth it, even when the chips are down?

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Did you?

Did you always know what you were going to do career/job wise?

I did.

I was lucky.

Now I am stuck.

I have always wanted to be a Nurse or work in the medical profession for as long as I can remember. As I grew up it was either you played princesses or doctors and nurses with me. They were always the two choices, it was always the way...I started delegating early :)

I made sure I got the grades in the subjects I required for Nursing. I made sure I studied and revised the interview questions to get into nursing school. However, now I have no idea what branch of nursing I want to go into. Before, there was always a choice or virtually an easy answer. Now I feel like there is too much choice to choose from, which is a FANTASTIC attribute to the profession but at the moment I am struggling.

All my friends know what field of nursing they want to go into. However, I keep flitting - all the time. To the point I am going insane. I have to start applying next March for jobs and where do I begin to start? I know where I do not want to go but it doesn't narrow the list down. I guess I just want my first job to me memorable and a good start/choice to being qualified. :)

I know it comes across that I having a big vent but this is starting to worry me. I have been training for over two years now I still have no clue. One minute surgical, then palliative and then recovery...

In whichever career you are in or want to be in, was the choice hard for you as well?

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