Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sun, Sea & Sand.

I am off on holiday today - to Turkey! It's an eastern european country that has lots of sun, lots of beaches, lots of sunsets and mostly lots of relaxation. I am cannot wait!!! I will be back in a week to give you an insight to what shall be a very lazy holiday =)

I know a lot of bloggers have done this so I thought I would do the same. If there is anything else you would like to know about me just leave a question and I will answer it. It's that simple. You ask and I will happily answer on any topic =)

I cannot believe it is the end of August already - can you?!

Ben sizi guzeli ve buyuk bir hafta!!!

Lots of lovely love.


Candy Hart said...

You are so lucky girl!! Have fun and be sure to wear sun screen!!!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Enjoy yourself and please take lots of pictures. I'd love to see what Turkey looks like!

Enjoy your relaxation and sunshine!

Jennie said...

Have fun!!! We just took our first family vacation to Florida full of sun, beach and fun!

Hmmmm...and now for a question. If wal-mart sold happiness, where in the store would it be place and why?

I do what I want! said...

OMG I am SO jealous! Can I come on vacation (or holiday) with you??? Sounds like SO much fun! You are going to have a blast and I absolutly cannot wait to see pictures. Have fun girl and relax because you deserve it :)

Holly said...

Hope you have a great holiday!

sunnyme said...

I wish you a very good holiday with lot of sun and relaxation!
Take loads of pictures.

If you could choose one place to live where would it be?

Janet said...

Oh have a lovely time! My daughter has been there and LOVED it! Looking forward to lots of lovely photographs! Keep safe!

Samantha said...

Sorry I didn't make it in time to fit in your suitcase!! That darn traffic :P

Ooo question time. OK, I wouldn't be showing off my bookselling geekiness if I didn't ask this! Favourite book as a kid and now? :)

Brooke said...

Hope you have a great time. There is nothing better and more relaxing that going away and doing a whole lot of nothing. Very jealous!!

Take care.

Mere said...

Hope you have an awesome holiday!! You deserve a break! In my English IV class today, we had to try to guess all the American English words for the British English words and it made me think of you!

Love, Mere

♥April♥ said...

OMG I hope you have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see pictures. Have fun.

Lauren said...

Have an amazing, relaxing time!!

Kristin said...

Sorry I didn't see this before you left. Your back though already! I just got from a holiday in Tampa, FL. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmm a question. I have multiple mmm..

My eldest is just starting school and I want to tell him how good it is. Did you enjoy school? How did go about getting the qualifications for your profession?

My niece asked me the other day for her art project 'How do you define love?'....so what is love to you?

How was the birds and bees explained to you? (I ask this only because my niece who is 9 is asking all sorts of questions!)

Heading to your next post now to see your wonderful holiday snaps.

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