Sunday, 9 August 2009

A question answered is a question shared.

Every weekend I do community nursing work in my area and I love it! In particular there is this one client who I adore. She lives a very quiet life with very little family. She is quirky, cute and darn right adorable =).

Whenever I go and re-dress her leg ulcers we play her question and answer game. It is her way of getting to know her carers and I find it rather sweet that I can play games with a 70 year old and know that neither of us can lose haha!

All she does is ask me questions like what is your favourite colour, food, shop etc. She has such an amazing memory and everytime she sees something yellow she goes 'that's your favourite colour love!'

This week she recieved some upsetting news which I will not delve into but it reflected in her questions she asked me today. She asked what I thought about love, family but the one that I could not answer was this one. (She asked me to finish off the sentence or missing word.)

Life is...

It may sound odd to say but I just couldn't think of an answer because 1) there are so many and 2) it sounds weird but I wanted it to be correct lol. In the end I told her I would get back to her and she said I was allowed to throw it over to the game next week - arrr I heart her lol!

As I was driving home I saw some children in the park who had made their own obstacle course and that's when I realised the end of my sentence. The answer:

Life is full of constant challenges.

Which is so true that it doesn't even require explanation. It is there 24/7. So I am going to throw this 'game' over to you. Answer the above question and how it is applicable to how you see life through your eyes. I will be telling her your answers next week - I know it would make her day to hear that 'her game' has gone online lol!

Talk soon xo.


sunnyme said...

I need to think about that, but I'll get back to you. :)

Alex(andra) said...

Life is... what we make it to be. Haha... it isn't the greatest... but it's true. It's also full of love. I think it's awesome that you get to do community nursing work!!

Brittany said...

Life is full of unseen challenges that grow us into the people we were meant to be.

I like this game :)

BrunetteKoala said...

When I was a teenager, I used to have a quote on my Geography folder

"Life is like a toilet get to the end and realise how much you've wasted"

I'd also suggest that life can be a little like a rollercoaster ride, or driving in North Wales - full of up and downs.

sunnyme said...

I'm totally with Bruentte.
My ending:

Life is... a Rollercoaster ride with all these crazy ups and downs.

Mere said...

Life is a blessing no matter how bad the day or how horrible our situation.

Love, Mere

Callie Nicole said...

As a Christian I would say that life is to follow Jesus and serve the Lord while we're here, but it's like a dream - someday we'll wake up in eternity and then that decision we made to follow Jesus or not will really matter.

In a more generic sense, I'd say life is an adventure! You never know what's going to happen next.

Janet said...

Life is a bowl of cherries! Some of them good, some of them bad! :)

Holly said...

Life is forever changed by every single person we ever meet.

I'm going to blog about this now too, I rather like it. :)

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Life is something to appreciate. We never know how many days we have left, so we should do the most with what we have!

Candy Hart said...

Life is....frickin AWESOME!!!!

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