Sunday, 23 August 2009

Are you Flaw-less?

Hello all =)

I am never one to admit I have flaws or insecurities because they just make me feel - rubbish. It is a no go area.

However, at work earlier I saw this book one of the residents was reading. It was called 'Having Flaws leaves you Flawless.' It basically discussed that every once in a while we should all say what our flaws, insecurities and imperfections are to make us realise we are all human. At first I was really skeptical because I kind of find it de-humanising and reduces self esteem in a way. Yet, this book explains that realising 'we are all in the same boat' actually empowers us to accept ourselves more. Whether little or big we all have the ability to admit we aren't as 'perfect' as we or society try to be...

So I am going to give it a try:

  • I over-analyse everything. The whole 'why hasn't he called me yet?' routine has been played multiple times.
  • I always read the last page of a book, even if it ruins the story.
  • I hate my thighs! They are flabby and feel like jelly when running.
  • I don't exercise as much as I like people to think.
  • I tend to swear or curse more than usual. =(
  • I can never find jeans that fit 'just right.'
  • I am concious of how my hair looks all the time.
  • I have the uncanny ability to speak before I think.
  • I hate to admit I am wrong.
  • I hate it when people talk about how amazing their relationships are as it just highlights I haven't found 'Mr Right' yet.
  • I am not a good driver and never will be.
  • I am a type A personality to the tee - such a perfectionist.
  • I am OCD about cleanliness, angles and things being alphabetical.
  • I love my memory and penalise myself if I forget a birthday, anniversary or anything.
  • I like to give too much and it hurts when it isn't reciprocated.
Yet there is just one thing...

Can any of you relate?
What are your flaws?


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Umm, how much time do you have? You probably have figured out I'm a very critical person, so I am acutely aware of my imperfections by now, right? Growing up with a family that didn't provide a lot of validation really messed me up.

Just so you know, I find you practically perfect ;-) You are so kind-hearted and fun.

Alex(andra) said...

You and I actually have similar "flaws" in common. Especially hating to admit I'm wrong. Yup. That makes for some interesting nights. =) I'm with Stephanie though, I think you're awesome and fun and all that good stuff.

sunnyme said...

I'm with you in the exercise thing. And I speak before I think.

I think we all need some insecurities, because if you are too secure you can quickly become very arrogant.And yet, all those insecurities makes us the persons we are. We need it to see that no one is perfect, no matter how much he tries to think he is.
It does makes us beautiful from the inside.
That what counts.

I think you are a really sweet and very kind person, even if I don't know you.
Today I leave you a big hug for just being you! X

Callie Nicole said...

I'm an over-analyzer. I think my stomach looks poochy - one of my least favorite parts of my body. I get a little OCD about things being straight in my purse or in the bathroom cabinet, or if there is toothpaste left in the sink. I'm also very conscious of my hair. I'm a generally selfish person (everybody gets selfish, do they not? I still need to work on it). So yeah, there is a small list of my many flaws right there! EVERYONE has flaws, everyone does things that are wrong, everyone sins, and I don't think there is a single person out there that likes everything about their appearance. You certainly aren't the only one with flaws! And anyone who thinks they have no flaws has an inaccurate picture of themselves.

Jennie said...

Such a touching and inspiring post. I had been blog surfing alot lately..and I've been overwhelmed at the amount of blogs that just seem to be exaggerated and fake.

Not that they aren't entitled to be so, if they choose. They own their own blog, right?

But, I blog to connect to a real way. Not to get an ataboy or to be sucked in to rubbish.

It was inspiring to see someone say...I'm not perfect, and I'm ok with that. If you don't mind, my next blog will follow suit with this one. Then you can read my there are many many many!

Thank you!

Samantha said...

Are you sure you weren't describing ME there?!

I am forever worried my tummy looks yuck in tops. It is so ridiculous!

I have the whole "he hasn't called, he must hate me, I must have said something to offend him" thing down to a T!

Thanks for being so honest, it's really nice to see a REAL someone, a someone I can relate too. I heart you Becca!!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

gorgeous post! i definately believe that our so called pysical imperfections make us beautiful. i adore scars and little crooked teeth.

making peace with your own 'flaws' is definately something thats worth doing, although its hard for a perfectionist virgo like me!

Mere said...

Well...I am a lot like you now that I've read this post! Geez. That's almost SCARY how much we're alike. I don't know that I have anything to add to your list because you basically covered it all!!

Love, Mere

I do what I want! said...

You must have read my mind when you wrote this post! I have a lot of those same exact flaws! Others include...

~Getting stressed over small things
~ Procrastinating school work
~ Wanting to be good at everything and getting mad when I don't succeed
~ Not blogging enough
~ Not spending enough time with those who matter most
~ choosing not so good friends that are fun over true friends who really matter
~ Taking on too many things and not saying no to some

I'm sure there are a TON more those are just a few!

Candy Hart said...

i think anyone who is flawless would be the most boring person in the world!!! Imagine how stressful that would be?! Besides only certain things in the world should be flawless - a diamond, a good dance routine, things like that!

dawn said...

I don't think there is enough time in the day to list all of my flaws. I guess my main flaw is that I hate to push myself outside my comfort zone for fear of failure. Whew! I feel better just writing that. Love the post!

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