Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It is so easy to exist instead of live.

Yesterday one of my oldest friends, Suzanne, graduated =)

I have known her since I was four years old and I think it takes more than two hands to count the amount of silly childish fights we broke up over haha! I think we have grown up a lot now but even though I don't see her as much as I would like it doesn't make me any less proud of her!

She has worked so hard for her childcare qualification. The amount of times I know she has been up into the early hours trying to finish work has been countless and it is only because she strives to do well. I know graduating yesterday was the icing on the cake for her.

There was so much I wanted to say in a text to her yesterday apart from just saying 'Congratulations' so I will put it here instead because I think it is one of the best things I have learnt so far in my degree =)

'It is so easy to waste our lives living in the mundane. It is so easy to waste the days, hours, minutes and seconds not understanding that there is a bigger picture. It is so easy to take for granted the colour of the sky, the emotions in people's eyes, the meaning of a picture or the lyirics in a song. It is so easy to just exist instead of live.'

Susie - I hope that everyday you live it up instead of just existing in the moment. You have worked so hard these past four years to help so many people and imprint your mark in this crazy thing we call life. I am so proud of you, more so than you will ever imagine!

Thank you for letting me share =)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Meet Jack.

Last summer I went on holiday to see my friend Oli in Menorca, Spain. I had a lovely time out there and one of the best things about going, apart from seeing Oli lol, is that I always meet someone new and friendly.

One of the nicest girls I met was Charlotte, who I got on so well with. She also told me how she liked this guy called Richard and they got together after my holiday there. Well last Saturday on the 18th July Charlotte gave birth to their first 8 pound 6oz baby boy.

Introducing... Jack Peter Goodman.

He is soooo adorable!

I can tell after being 12 days over due and 21 hours in active labour, he was well worth the wait in gold.

Congratulations - you make a beautiful family!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh what a thing to have done and it was all 'Yellow'...

Heya Guys!

I feel much better than I did last week so thank you all so much for your kind comments, advice and messages. I really appreciated it and had the best bath because of it!

I warn you now this is a very random post but I find it intriguing. Now the title of this post is rather odd but it originates from a conversation I had with someone last night at a party who is a psychology student. It pretty much went like this:

Party guy: Cool, so you like Coldplay?!

Me: Yeah I do. Especially the song yellow!

Party guy: I bet that is your favourite colour as well. I can just tell by your personality and your mannerisms!

Me: Yellow is the best colour ever!

At first I thought it was quite freaky that he analysed me but then realised we do that every single day anyway without realising. Plus, as I am sure you all know I love the colour yellow...and happy that he thought my personality reflected it. Then he asked me why I liked it so much and this was where the conversation very easily flowed, particularly with wine in my hand.

At first I just said to him, 'because I like it and it is a pretty colour that's it really?' but from his facial expression and the psycology student in him I knew he expected more of an answer lol.

Yellow, to me, is a happy colour. It makes me smile. It's bright, warming, light and joyful. I know many say that it is a disturbing colour because it resembles warnings and harmful signals but I say isn't that a good thing?! I think yellow reflects my personality a lot. I always try to be positive and stand out. I love smiling and laughing, to me they are the best forms of medicene and yellow resonates that. I love sunny and warm days. Yellow gives a beautiful glow to all landscape settings. Yellow is also a destructive colour and when I fall, I fall hard.

Yet, most importantly yellow is my colour for hope. Yellow signifies there is always a light at the end of the tunnel in times of doubt and stress. Yellow is the crayon I use to colour the moon, sun and stars in which is where I truly my believe what my Grandad is flying amongst. I highlight all my achievements - big or small - in a yellow highlighter in the hope I will accomplish it someday. Yellow reflects my hope to one day be spontaneous in all I choose to do in my life.

This may seem very analytical for a blog post lol - and it is haha. When I woke up this morning I too thought it was a very odd conversation to have with someone but it does make you think and wonder some of the decisions we make and what they reflect.

So I am intrigued...what is your favourite colour and why?

Friday, 17 July 2009

I am just...


I do not think I have ever wanted a month - especially a summer month to end as much as this one!

I really do not know if I am coming or going at the moment. I really hate to moan but I really need to vent here whilst I have a moment spare to process it. I have been so busy on my cardiac placement - to the point the cardiac system may just give me a heart attack lol! I am doing a mix of early, lates and night shifts and it has just buggered up my sleeping and eating patterns. As well as that I am working weekends to earn money with many of my friends birthdays on top of that!

My bed is literally my best friend at the moment. I went to bed last night and just cried and cried until I could not produce anymore tears. I think my tear ducts are sick of me haha! I just could not understand why I am doing this to myself but the fact of the matter is I have no choice. I am sick with worry over my exams on Wednesday which gets you onto senior year if you pass.

It's like Marmite: I love it but I also hate it at the same time! I cannot wait until the 28th of July when I can shut my nursing books for 4 weeks, reduce my working hours and do absolutely nothing. I can't wait to see my friends properly, to read a good book rather than read about systemic circulation and just to wake up at midday and not feel guilty!

In saying that I have had some free time to celebrate some birthdays with some good food like below.

Thanks for reading this - how do you prevent your head from exploding with constant to do lists?!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Double Duo Birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday

Kathryn & Becca!

I could curse you two for being born a day apart (11th and 12th July) as it means double present shopping, which is my least favourite kind. However, because your just both so amazing I will let you both off.

I hope you both have fantastic birthdays. Thank you so much for being here always and for being the brilliant personalities you are. I am incredibly lucky to have you girls in my life. This is corny to say and very cliche...but I really do not know what I would without you both.

I hope we make plenty more memories together. I love you both so much.

Happy Birthday!


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

While the parents are away, the kids certainly fail to keep things in order...

Last Saturday my Mum and Dad went on holiday to Portugal, Europe. They are having a brilliant time but I have failed to tell my Mum a few things that I don't think she would be so proud of. I think a lot or re-ordering, cleaning and organising is in need to be done before their return this Saturday.

Dear Mum and Dad,

While you have been away your kids certainly have not...

We do not make our beds in the morning or in truth haven't at all.

We let the Cat sleep on the beds, even though we know it irritates our hayfevers. Oh and I fail to make my bed too.

We might as well be recluses because we don't think we have opened up any curatins in the house.

The washing is endless!

Due to the delay in washing, this is the last clean towel we have.

gulp. We have pretty much lived off fizzy drinks, KFC and any take out that delivers!

Mum and Dad - We wish you were here and please do bring the sunshine back with you :-)

Lots of love Becca, Rach and Phil.


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