Thursday, 14 May 2009

Nursing School: The Answers V-Log.

Heya Guys.

Hopefully, you remember when I did the following post. It was about asking for your questions/help for a v-log for prospective nursing school students at my university. Well...I did make it and it turned out great! I really enjoyed making it! However, once I submitted it to my faculty they mixed it in within a load of other videos and information for the students. Therefore, I was credited yay! Just the catch is I cannot post the video to my blog because I would be breaching confidentiality laws and would need informed consent from the other participants. I was so annoyed - I said way too many French words lets put it that way!

However, I have made a much more condensed version to answer (although I dont know if 8 minutes is condensed lol) some of the main questions you asked. I couldn't answer them all but I have had quite a few emails from followers or just passers by asking about nursing school so I hope it helps in some way. Otherwise if nursing isn't your thing admire my clothes that are strewn all over my floor in the backgound. I hate putting laundry away once its been washed! :)

Let me know what you think.



Brittany said...

"I loved it when people were ill."
LOL! You are hilarious, Bec!

Lauren said...

I love the video!

I've been struggling with whether or not nursing is right for me but after hearing what you have to say about it and how rewarding it can be it makes me feel better in my choices. I just need to get through the pre-reqs to get to the "good stuff" in nursing school.

So nice job!

Suki said...

The assessment here in Germany is the same as it is in the UK. We are two months at the hospital and two months in the university as well. And we have the comepetence cataloges too.
I know what you mean about appreciating the small things. I found it always amazing how much a smile means to a person who is ill.
Or just touching someone's hand.

It's nice to see you and I find it amazing how freely you can speak in front of the camera. I never could do anything like that.It's cool to put a voice to the person who is writing here.
I am so relieved that I am not the only person who finding it hard sometimes doing all the work and assessment things you have to do.
I try to keep on going.

Colette said...

I HATE PUTTING LAUNDRY AWAY TOO. When I'm feeling particularly awkward I get so mad at my mum for doing it then just leaving it sitting on my desk but just before I'm about to whine I remember I'm lucky she does it at all lol.

Anyway I was so excited for this video, even more excited than I am to watch Britain's Got Talent LOL.

What you say about not giving up applies to all walks of lives really, not only nursing.

It always amuses me thinking of your mum walking past your room when you're shut away filming your vlogs; she must think you're a nutter lol.

Cory said...

You're very articulate! I loved your video..

In the U.S. we are assessed much differently. We take about 2 lecture classes a semester. First semester we took Pharmacology and Basic Nursing. Basic nursing included a lab portion where we practiced skills on mannequins. We also had a one day, 6 hour clinical for that Basic Nursing class. Once we passed a skill in lab we were allowed to do it in clinical.
Second semester we had Med-Surg, which included a lab for half the semester, and again one day, 6 hour clinical. The second class we took was a Labor and Delivery course, and for that we had 3 clinicals that we 8 hours each.
We are graded primarily on our exams in lecture. We either pass or fail our clinical portion (I've never heard of anyone failing); the same goes for lab. Each semester we also have to take a math test (determining drip rates, dosages, etc.), and that test is also pass or fail. BUT if you fail the math test, you fail the whole class and have to withdraw from the program! It's very intense and scary.
I like how your university does the portfolios, seems much less intense than having your whole grade based upon 5 exams.

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