Wednesday, 27 May 2009


One of the things I struggle with daily at the moment is to eat more healthily but I just find it so hard. The main reason why is because I give into temptation too easily. I think we are all guilty of that. Nursing school does not help either, here comes the excuses. When I am on campus I have the Starbucks tempting me with their sandwiches and muffins and when I am on placement I do a mix of early and late shifts which cause my eating patterns to play havoc. Therefore, I am hungry at the most ridiculous times!

I was explaining this to my Mum last night and this morning I found this in the fridge for me just before I started my late shift at the hospital.

Fruit and a chocolate bar for later :-)

It tasted really nice as well. I think my biggest vice is anything sweet like chocolate. Although, I have to admit that I love drinking water and I am a vegetable junkie - I love them all, apart from mushrooms yuk! However, when it comes to fruit, fruit juices and other icky foods like nuts and seeds (eugh!) I steer well and truly clear. I do not have a problem with my weight and I am relatively happy in my own skin but I know if I let chocolate, take-out and cider overcome me then I will have a problem!

Guess I have to start learning somewhere along the lines, right?! I find it funny because nearly everyone says to me 'your training to be a nurse so surely you would eat healthily?!' and I laugh because yes I am training to be a nurse but not a nutritionist or dietician lol. I was chatting to my friend last night and she said her biggest vice is the TV. She loves her soaps, reality telly and game shows lol and she says she needs to 'get out more'. no comment.

So, what is your daily vice that you know is wrong in a way but sometimes you just cannot help yourself?!


Christina Thomas said...

Mine is my computer! I am on my computer all day long. The other day, I went to go change Aubrey's diaper and she told me "No, I don't wanna, go to your 'puter!"

LOL! She even knows I am always on my computer!

I love veggies & chocolate but I really need to watch what I eat as I have trouble with my weight.

P.S. Hope you don't mind if I leave an additional comment.

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Brittany said...

My daily vice... hmm... I have a math course to do this summer that I physically cannot bring myself to do. It's sooo boring. Haha.
I seem to have a problem eating healthy, too. I am a girl who loves her veggies but not so much fruit.

Suki said...

My daily vice is eating healtily too.
I am just to lazy to make myself something nice for dinnner. Instead I am eating chocolate and bread, which is just not right.
You should eat a warm meal a day.

Lauren said...

My daily vice is peanut butter. I love love love peanut butter. I eat at least one slightly big spoonful a day. I know it is so not healthy but I love it.
I also get hooked on TV shows. Although I don't let it get in the way of studying anymore because of DVR. It has saved my life! haha

Patrice said...

ohh chocolate is my weakness, too! I love love love chocolate! lol Starbucks, too!! good luck with the healthy eating mission!

Callie Nicole said...

Mine would be sweets, especially that blasted chocolate! Way too tempting.

Mary said...

Well, I just ate a huge plate of food, then ate a small piece of two different cakes. So let's be honest, it's food. I love some good home made cooking! At least both cakes were part of the fruit food group with bananas and pineapple. Does that count!?! HAHA!!

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