Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy Birthday Spratters!

This cute faced, angellic and curly haired baby.

Turns into a make up loving, annoyingly slim and very intelligent girl whom is...

Celebrating turning 18 years old today!

And believe me don't all my family and her friends know it because she has been counting down since Christmas! Today Rachael is celebrating a birthday milestone with lots of presents and we are all going for a big family meal. On top of that she is going to get her first tattoo, much to my Mum's dissatisfaction but what can she do? She is, after all, legally allowed to now. Rachael is also a massive fan of Michael Jackson and she was suprised with tickets to see his farewell London tour next winter.

I can describe Rachael a.k.a Spratters in one very simple sentence. She is the complete opposite to me! She is very opinionated and doesn't care if she upsets people with her notions. She is very verbal - you just never ever get into an argument with her as your head will be bitten off! She is very intelligent. She is very mysterious and never lets on what is going on in her head. She is one of them girls who doesn't need to revise or study because the high grades just come easily to her. She is very picky on what she wears, smells like, eats, drinks and who she befriends. However, the only enviable difference I wish we could share is that she is very care-free and relaxed about her life. She adores her friends, she lives very much in the present and enjoys what she does now. She barely ever worries (unless she can't find her hair straigteners or there is no hot water!) and she just accepts that life is for living in the moment. I find that so endearing about her!

As much as there are times when I would want kill her, I would kill to have her here in my life always. The more us sisters grow up the more we get on and talk about things. Today is her day and I know she will revel in all the attention she is recieving but most of all I am so excited for her. Due to the fact that she is so enigmatic and secretive I really have no idea what life choices she will take on or what her next motive is because in Rachael land she isn't even past this weekend lol. In a way she still reminds me of when she was younger and every week she flipped which career she wanted to do from teacher to a food critic or youth worker etc. I really like that and as cringy as it is to say I love her 80% of the time.

Happy Birthday Sis!
Have a brilliant day and enjoy yourself immensely.


Alex(andra) said...

Awww Happy birthday to your sis!! My little sister and I are complete opposites as well... It does make life more interesting, doesn't it?? =)

And thanks for the comment on my blog.. I'm really trying not to let people get to me about their young comments... So yeah... but your comments all mean veryy much. hugs!

Colette said...

Happy Birthday Rachael!

Becca you may live to regret speaking so nicely of your sister lol (it really was a lovely tribute). She may take advantage of this post forevermore.

My little sister and I are also total opposites lol.

P.S. Michael Jackson tickets that's AMAZING

Suki said...

Happy Birthday to your sis!
Always would have loved to have a sister, but I've only got brothers.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

My sister just turned 18 too! Hopefully she will get back to liking me more, but lately, she's put me on the bottom of her priority list. I'm not a fan of her yelling at me constantly ;-)

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