Sunday, 26 April 2009

She loved the Suprise.

Earlier this week I posted about how I love giving suprises! I asked for ideas on engagement gifts for my friend Sacha and you certainly helped!

This is Sacha with just some of her gifts. She absolutely loved them all and kept repeating how much it meant to her.

On Friday I had my BBQ and had a brilliant time. The sun was shining and we just had so much fun. There was a slight hiccup with the BBQ as it wouldn't light at first so I had to run to some local supermarkets in the hope I could find more firelighters!!! Even though the event was hosted at mine I ended up being the last to arrive haha! Overall, we had our food later but I hadn't laughed like I did in so long. Below are some pictures :)

This was the basket my friends and I made her. The only thing missing was a wedding planner which most of you guys suggested. I am just waiting for it to be delivered. It consisted of a frame, her favourite alcohol, wedding book, my best friends wedding on dvd, 'L' plates, a bride to be sash (it lit up!), a heart necklace, a bride wand, lucky horse shoe, a teddy, confetti and a card! Whew!

Us girls enjoying the evening!

Thank you all so much for your ideas. It meant a great deal and it went towards a very happy bride-to-be. Sacha plans to get married here in England in Sept 2010 with her family coming for a holiday during it.

Have you ever given suprises? Did they go as planned?


Samantha said...

Ohhh, Wedding Season! How did I not think of that to suggest! It a great read (in case you care :P).

Looks like you girls had fuun!!!

Holly said...

That basket did turn out really cute! No wonder she liked it so much! :)

Librarian or Teacher said...

So glad she liked it! Looks like y'all has tons of fun.

And can I just say I was not happy at all with how My Best Friend's Wedding ended.

Not at all.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Awesome! Glad your surprise worked out and she loved her goodies.

I do what I want! said...

yay! I love when things work as planned! She looks so happy in the are such a good friend, she is lucky to have you!

Colette said...

I'm so glad she liked it, but how could she not!? Well done for managing to keep it a surprise though.

I was thinking about this last night and I think it will have meant more to Sacha than you'll ever know. She must have felt so special and so loved.

You're a great friend Becca.

Mary said...

FUN!! I'm so glad that she enjoyed it and was suprised! We tried to throw my sister in law a suprise party 2 weeks ago and she figured it out and there was NO suprise. We still had a great time though!

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