Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I <3 Suprises!

I love suprises but most of all I love suprising other people that I love! I adore the creativity, anticipation and the thought that goes into them and my latest one is no exception.

One of my good friends Sacha got engaged over Easter weekend and I could not be more happier for her! She was ecstatic and is so excited about getting married. However, Sacha moved over to the UK to be with her new fiance Kevin when he was promoted in his job. Her family and very close friends are living in her native home South Africa, it is pricey to fly the 7 hours over here. Even though she was so unbelievably happy to have a stunning rock placed on her finger she has missed sharing in the joyous occassion physically with them.

*Cue Suprise Planning*

This Friday I am having a BBQ due to the glorious weather England has been relishing in this week (although now saying that the Sun will probably change it's mind lol). My close friends and I have decided to assemble a basket of goodies to give to her as a way of showing that even though her family aren't here we are here - always - to celebrate with her.

However, I need some of your ideas of what to gather. I have the following:

A bottle of wine, wedding magazines, a blue necklace, my best friends wedding on dvd, wedding book and a small frame. My Mum says that is enough but it doesn't fill the basket and she really deserves to be spoiled! At the age of 19 (she is now 20) to move away from all your family and friends to a new country, people and work is daunting.

Get your thinking caps on guys - engagement ideas please? :)


Stephanie said...

A wedding organizer/planner! It saved my skin!!! OR an etiquette book, I had SO many questions on the etiquette of everything!!

You are such a good friend :) What a wonderful idea!

Colette said...

I really admire people who leave their families behind like that - I think it takes so much courage.

This is such a lovely idea, you're a great friend Becca.

I know this isn't something that's going to take up a lot of space but it's something that I think is a great gift - some cinema vouchers (for a break from wedding planning - particularly for her fiance!).

Apart from that I'm outta ideas, you seem to have the main bases covered already. Although the idea for a wedding planner, or just a pretty notebook to jot down ideas - is a great one.

Samantha said...

I wish you were my friend LOL!

What about one of those wedding planner books. One that is like the kind of books you can get for a baby's first year.

If you are feeling generous this one is lovely! (9780954712914) put the number into amazon or waterstones. Otherwise, I'm sure there are many others. That one is a really nice one though!

Gosh, the bookseller in me always makes an appearance...

CUPCAKES!!! M&S have some lush new ones! Take them out the box and individually wrap them in some sort of plastic and tie with ribbon.

Alex(andra) said...

I definitely agree with the wedding planner idea... It's saved my butt quite a few times. Maybe a book on flowers, cause that's currently my freak-out. LOL!

I always like giving couples gift cards to a restaurant to just get out and forget the stress of the wedding for awhile.

I admire people that can leave their family like that... Definitely not an easy thing to do.

Stacie said...

are you able to get in touch with her family without her knowing? this doesn't have to be in her basket now, but you can do it later.... get all the women to submit their favorite recipes, and/or all give some married advice (those of them that are), etc.

Brittney Galloway said...

Hmmm, a calling card (for calling her family members?)

Or, if you are feeling REALLY creative, I would write on slips of cute paper, things that you all love about her, or funny memories, and place them in a cute jar, as a way of encouraging her!

Just Caz said...

your so sweet!
umm im not good with ideas.
the only thing I can think of would maybe be a scrap book that she can fill with all her weddings ideas?

Brooke said...

Thank you for the info. I'll have to give it a go.

It sounds like you have it all covered with your goodie basket. I don't have anything to add except maybe a little advice. I found with my wedding it was too much to want to control and organise everything myself.

We were on a tight budget so we chose carefully where the money went. EG. We didn't do super budget on the florist. We chose our florist for his style and artistic talent, showed him what we liked and left it with him. It was so nice to know that was covered and I trusted him enough to know that it would be great. On the other hand our centrepieces were glass pie dishes (about $4 each) from the dollar store with stones from my parents garden (which we boiled to clean them), water and some flowers the florist provided.

Brittne said...

How about a cute shirt that says "Bride to Be" or something along those lines!

Eva Foster said...

Hi Rebecca! I came across your blog while reading comments on Jessica Turner's blog. Your comment on her Sunday Rose post caught my eye since you mentioned nursing studies. How far into nursing are you? I'm also a nursing student in the US. I am in my 5th out 6 quarters and graduating in December.

Holly said...

- Scrapbooking supplies, if she's a creative type
- A wedding planner/organiser

Ummmm....I can't think of anything else! :O

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