Thursday, 9 April 2009

Exciting News that Involves You Guys.

Heya eveyone.

I hope your're all having a good week and looking forward to the Easter weekend!

My news may not sound that exciting to you but I am so happy to have been asked. My University where I attend nursing school have asked me to produce a video/v-log for prospective students who are thinking of studying where I attend. They have given me a list of questions that have been asked by future attendees. I thought this was brilliant and out of 30 people in my degree group they asked me and 2 other girls :)

On top of that my professor is currently writing a book and has been gloating about it for weeks. Seriously I think she was more enamored by her book than teaching us about NG tubes lol. She found out that some people in my class are doing this v log for students to get sent out via email and in interview selections.

Well she asked us if we could be apart of the book by taking certain elements from the individual videos we do! I was so happy but I kind of ruined the moment by asking if my name could look pretty in a different font. Font Arial isn't my thing lol. It was so typical of my mouth to produce those words lol!

Anyway she said that she wanted our V-logs to have a personal style to them as well as just drawing in future students. I was at a loss at what to talk about. I really had no idea at what she meant by personal, so I mentioned that in my spare time I blog. My professor thought it would be a great idea to involve you guys by asking me anything!

Anything you like.

It could be to do with my nursing, opinions, anything you want to know more about or anything you may be just curious to asking.

The whole idea is that future students don't just want to know about what being at nursing school is like. They have to get to know the variety of students there are and their lives, beliefs and cultures they get up to outside of nursing school. All your questions will be answered and I will show you the finished product in the end.

I would really like it if you could help me out. Professor de Souza is hard to please and I love the idea of you guys being involved by helping and guiding me. The more questions you ask the better. I am just so thrilled to do something different other than essays and research articles! Below are the of type questions that I have already been set so don't ask me them lol.

Why I wanted to be a nurse, why I chose the nursing school I am at, what do you think makes a good nurse, is the course hard, how easy is it to settle into the routine.

Thank you guys. You are the greatest!


Anonymous said...

Really anything? - Maybe you could explain why you and your brother hid my easter egg the other day?

No need to answer that really sweetheart. Maybe you could explain more about why you started the blog and how it has helped with studies etc?

Always proud of you love Mumx

I do what I want! said...

You could talk about your favorite nursing moment. An embarrassing moment you had in school. I dunno. Good luck! :)

Alex(andra) said...

Hm... I'm not good at these kind of things. Which specialization of nursing are you going to go into? (if you are?) Do you get to have much free time inbetween studying? I dunno... I'll try to rack my brain for more! Good luck! =)

Just Caz said...

okay i've got a few.

What inspired you to be a nurse in the first place?

What keeps inspiring you to study and to go to work, because its not at all an easy job?

Do you think you could do anything else?

Ummm I know I have more.. but I can't think.

congrats on being chosen for this.

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Do you know what I think would be cool? I think it would be really awesome to talk about the people you've met while blogging, especially nursing majors.

I know that for me, it's been a huge learning experience to get to know you, because through you, I am learning more about nursing in the UK. Even though we live with a huge ocean in between us, we have more in common than I ever expected. The nursing profession is the same no matter where you are; it's people who are united in providing the most compassionate, skilled care to their patients. It's people who are dedicated to serving their patients and ensuring their highest chances of recovery.

So, to end the long novel I've written so far, here's a few questions for you:

Why did you choose nursing? Not just the "I want to help people" answer, but really, WHY did you choose to become a nurse?

What is different about the nursing profesion than you were expecting? I know that the actual practice of nursing is so much more complicated than I ever expected...nurses have so much responsibility!

Why will you make a good nurse?

Librarian or Teacher said...

What do you think would be the hardest type of nurse to be? Personally I don't know how ICU and departments such as those do it. Not because of the patients. But because of the families. When my Uncle was in the hospital there was SO much sadness around me. People crying, families holding each other, tissues everywhere. How do nurses support family members and is it part of their role to support the family?

Sounds like an exciting project!

Lauren said...

That's really exciting!

Okay so a few possible questions:

What are your hobbies or what do you like to do outside of nursing?

Have you ever considered anything other than nursing? If so why did you change your mind?

So far is nursing what you expected it to be?

That's all I have for now.
I'm sure I can come up with more later.

Callie Nicole said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I've been enjoying looking at yours; your design is super-cute!
Hmm, well you may want to talk about what courses are required before you get into the nursing program, and how hard it is/how long it may take to get into the program. If I was considering nursing those are a couple of things I would want to know. But then again maybe you don't want to scare people off right from the get-go! But that's my thought. *smile*

Colette said...

I've been holiding off on commenting for days because I so suck at coming up with questions. I've been trying to hard to think something up and then finally had some inspiration; I have a couple of friends who are nursing students and I thought I'd just recycle questions I've asked them in the past!

- Have you 'lost' a patient yet? And if you have how did you feel?
- Is it possible to unattach yourself emotionally from patients?
- Do the good days outweigh the bad days?
- Has the 'type' of nurse you wanted to be changed since your started your course? Or have you always been set on the same thing? (I know my friend Keith originally wanted to work in peads but he quickly realised it wasn't just about 'broken bones' and it was too tough emotionally).

I'm not at all surprised that they've asked you to participate in this. They're obv watched your vlogs and discovered you have a screen presence that rivals Scarlett Johannsen.

See I'm still alive ;(

♥April♥ said...

Hey I just wanted to come by and tell you Happy Easter. I hope you a have a wonderful day.

Manoel José de Santana(Manoel Limoeiro) said...

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