Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Revealing the Best in You (Blog video)

Heya everyone!

For a couple of weeks I have wanted to do a blog video. I am always writing posts and thought for a change I would do the talking instead of the typing. I just didn't have an idea of what to do a video on. I got the inspiration from the UK edition of Glamour magazine. They were running an article on how to reveal the best in you other than writing posts. I won't say too much as it is on the video but feel free to leave a comment and rate haha! Mostly, enjoy!

I do want to say I really wanted to clean my room but thought that wouldn't be a good reflection of me on my part, but I do try to be organised. I am sorry the camera goes a bit blurry at times and the settings aren't correct. I need either Mel or Stephanie to help me out in that department hehe. Remember to pause the music at bottom.

Thank you :)


Brittney Galloway said...

I love it! what a great idea!

Colette said...

I love you Becca. You are so cute and happy and bubbly. And kinda posh! ;)

I was literally bouncing up and down when you were saying 'This is organised... mess'. I was shouting 'CHAOS, CHAOS' because my room is not a mess, it's organised chaos. (I don't even know if that is spelt right, let's decide it is).

OH MY GOSH. (Cue more bouncing). I have like all the same DVDs as you. Cinderella Story is like one of my favourite movies (no kidding). I got the sequel for Christmas but haven't watched it yet, it's probably pants. The Notebook and Pearl Harbor are like high, high up on my list too.

Did you tidy up first? Your room is so much tidier than mine.

That was fun. I'm rather hyper now.

P.S. Great job on the editing!

Alex(andra) said...

Oooh this was awesome!!! I love English accents too lol... It was definitely good to put a voice with the picture, and I absolutely love your room! If mine wasn't a disaster area right now I'd do the same... One of these days I'll figure out something and do a video blog though.. Great idea.

Librarian or Teacher said...

I smiled so big when you said my name! That's the first time I've ever heard my name in an English accent!! And for the record, I want your accent so bad. Come on, you know you want to have this southern country accent I have. Right?!

And can I just say I died laughing when you talked about moving your bike when your boyfriend comes over so it looks like you've been exercising.

I hope you do more of these video blogs, you are so funny! And I think it lets people really see you. I'm going to have to do one now, but there's no way it can top yours. And I'm not kidding about the Southern country accent that I'll see.

I do what I want! said...

I love this video post and I can't wait to do my own! Your accent is AMAZING! I wish I sounded like that when I talked haha! You sound so proper! I love your hair too...very cute!

Patrice said...

Love this! You are too cute! Love your hair... and yes, the English accent! Great idea!

Brittany said...

I love your english accent. It is so adorable! I absolutely love that you hang sentimental things up in your room. I have a bulletin board just for that in my room!

Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

You are absolutely adorable! I don't want to make a dumb American comment about your accent, but what the heck, you sound even more adorable!

I would absolutely love to meet seem so sweet and genuine!

By the way, this makes me want to make a blog video now.

Brittne said...

How cool!! I would be mortified to do a video blog of my bedroom, it is a disaster zone!!

P.S. Your accent is WAY cute!!! It makes me want to move over to England to live in the hopes that I acquire one too ;)

Samantha said...

How lovely to hear another English accent!! We must stick together!!!

I giggled my backside off when you said you move the bike out when your boyfriend comes round!! I always leave the hoover out if it is my day off JUST so my boyfriend thinks I've actually done some housework....when really I'm lazing around....on blogger and other stuff!

If you break anything, heres a little tip, blame you cat/dog/rabbit/whatever pet you have (if you dont have one get one!)I broke an extension 8 plug stand off of the bedside cabinet and blamed the cats.....they didn't even get an evil look!

Loved your video!!!

student101 said...

ohhh!!! a british accent! and cool room! i wish i could do the same but my room is much too messy!

Hannah Grace said...

What an interesting idea! love the accent btw.

Just Caz said...

I love this video!!!

I also love your taste in videos!!

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