Saturday, 10 January 2009

Computer problems.

It may sound daft but my laptop has literally gone kaput and it feels like I have lost a limb without it. It holds a different world for me that does. The tech guys say it will be ready Wednesday - that means I have to do university work to bide the time.

However, I was particularly upset because I was working on a very poignant post - probably the hardest I have ever typed and some workings to go with. It literally all dissapeared when my laptop died on me. Needless to say, I was gutted.

Anyhow I hope you guys stay tuned as I really want to post it but until my laptop breathes new electrical life, I hope to share.

Thanking you friends, I hope your new year is coming on leaps and bounds :)



Mrs. S said...

ughhh i hate having computer problems!! Hope they are fixed soon!!

♥April♥ said...

Sorry about the computer. Hope they get it fixed fast for you.

Colette said...

Oh no Becca, not fixed yet?

When my PC died a year or so ago, I was the picture of composure. Honestly. I was not so hysterical that my mum took me out the same night to get a new one, nope, not me.

P.S. The Fox and the Hound is traumatic, I only saw it for the first time last week and it made me so sad that they don't really make up and he never goes back to the old lady.

P.P.S. I hope your results were okay, or better than okay!

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