Sunday, 25 January 2009

25 Random Facts About Me.

A bunch of my friends have recently posted this “25 Random Facts About Me” thing on facebook. Since I was tagged, I thought I’d just make it a blog post. I’m guessing most of these things will not come as a surprise if you’ve known me for more than a day!

Forget the “25 people” part of the rules. If you decide to play along, please post your 25 random facts on your own blog or website, then provide the link of the blog you just tagged yourselves from. You never know we may start a blog phenomenon - or not! I was tagged from Jessica :)

25 facts about me.

1) When I was younger I was obsessed with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. However, I always used to call them them elves and one christmas decided to shout out in a packed pantomime audience - "Mum! Look at the Elves aren't they tiny!"

2) My ultimate dream is to be a Midwife or Nurse in the third world.

3) I do not wear trainers, jogging bottoms or heels. They're either feet killers or do not match with anything.

4) I LOVE my vegetables. I cannot have my main meal of the day without them!

5) I have never been a cuddly toy kind of girl but I love blankets! As I grew up I had a safety blanket called 'Ticket.' The reason being that I was more interested in the blanket label sewn to it than the actual blanket itself.

6) I really want to visit Sydney, NYC, Berlin and Kenya - Rawr!

7) I want to do something amazing for charity one day! - Like jump out of a plane, do a big marathon or promote vaccinations in under developed continents.

8) I love the smell and feel of clean sheets - I get the best nights sleep ever!

9) My all time favourite movie is The Sound of Music! I know every single lyric and it is a Christmas must see every year in my house.

10) The worst feelings I hate are being cold, being itchy or getting tickled. They either warrant a teenage tantrum from me or a slap!

11) There is no such word as G-Y-M in my vocabulary. The word fails to make me comprehend why people enjoy it. It is the most boring place ever and there are far more interesting ways to exercise and have fun!

12) I am a reality telly addict - Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, X factor, The Hills etc you name it. I am watching it.

13) I have the biggest phobia of vommiting - I will clean, worry and panic until the wave of nausea or bacteria goes away. Yeah I am strange...

14) Up until I was 18 (became legal to drink, enter bars etc). I was adamant drinking, late nights out, drunk dancing would never be 'my thing.' I convinced no-one and safe to say I have not convinced myself yet!

15) I HATE cigarettes! If you smoke near me I do not want to know you for the time that cancer stick is in your mouth. I am really disgusted by them.

16) I am at one of my happiest moments in the theatre. There is no feeling better than being captivated by an unfolding story right befores your eyes.

17) If you fancy irritating me then do so by speaking in the incorrect terms. I love my English - it was my favourite lesson at school - and it aggravates me when it is spoken incorrectly!

18) I love to vote and have my say in politics. The way I see it is if you do not vote then you do not have the right to moan about the way your country is governed or presidented.

19) If I ever have a baby girl her name will be Grace. It has been that way since I was nine years old.

20) I really wish I could edit real life. No spots. No wrinkles. Good skin tone. Whay!

21) I love taking off in an aeroplane - it's exhiliarating!

22) I have multiple dreams a year about flying anywhere in the world. When I wake up I envy birds.

23) I am allergic to Cheese and detest Seafood! Ever since watching The Little Mermaid when I was 7 years old, and falling for Sebastian the crab, then I really cannot eat it.

24) The sound of laughter is the best cure for anything with me. It never fails to put a smile on my face when I am happy or sad.

25) When I was 10 I won a school christmas card competition. I won a free cinema trip and I chose to see Babe: Pig in the City. I loved it!

What are some of your random facts? I would love to know :)

Have Fun Guys!


Karen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog....we went to Venice in the early spring so the smell was not bad. Enjoyed reading about you.

Angela W said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog on my album!

Lindsay said...

Numbers 12 and 13 could be posted on my blog verbatim. #13 is something that my friends find so weird about me, but I hate it so very much that I refuse to do it if I can fight off the feeling!

Colette said...

High five Becca, high five! I hate heels. Comfort all the way!

The Sound of Music was my top movie for so many years, I pity my poor mother because I really don't know how many times I subjected her to it. It's still in my top movies list.

P.S. What on earth is a GYM?! Never heard of it.

Allie Garcia said...

i want a baby girl named grace too! my hubby and i agreed on it when we first met. :)

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