Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas 2008.

Happy Christmas.

I truly hope that everyone reading this has a magical time with their friends, family, music and gifts. Since starting this blog I never thought I would have the time to keep it going, but 6 months on, I am pretty proud. I have been astounded and privilege to have been opened up to so many other people's lives through their words and I want to say a massive thank you. It has stopped me looking at life through rose coloured lenses and be more mature.

I know many have struggled to get into the festive spirit. I know I have. However, I still stay true to my guns and say 'bah humbug' to all the people that say Christmas is repetitive, boring and tiring. I truly believe that Christmas waves this magic wand over this world, and hopefully for even just for one day, everything is softer, more beautiful and memorable.

I wish that your best Yuldetide decoration this year is that your all wreathed in smiles.

See you in 2009.


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Melissa's Fighting Fund.

Many may not agree but where I live not much is worth taking an interest in. Yet, this is the complete opposite. I have read many blogs, where I have been reduced to tears, in trying to comprehend how many people even survive the strength to see through to the next day with life's let downs and tears.

This is not another story. Melissa Huggins is a fantastic, vivacious and full of life 27 year old woman...and more importantly she is embarking on a journey of trying to save her own life. It is inspiring, heartfelt and touching yet also it is unfair. Three years ago she was diagnosed with a tumour on her brain stem and an operation was successful. Sadly, she was hit with the devastating news that the tumour has returned in three more places and an operation is not an option. She has one route. Once chance to live.

She is currently fighting to save up for treatment for Proton therapy in the USA where her only cure is waiting for her. A £150,000 is what is costs to do this. In light of the world's reccession I know people's money can only go so far and this is why her fight is so much more worth the win!

All I ask is that you at the very least visit her site and read her story. There is no doubt you will not be inspired by her attitude and zest for life. Please pray and hope that she has the best Christmas present this year. You can also donate money towards her fighting fund but please all I ask is that she is in your thoughts.

Thank you
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