Sunday, 2 November 2008

What you do Matters...

Have you ever wondered - Why do I do, what I do?

Most people I have been lucky to have met who are employed, enjoy a hobbie or are happy in just their own little world have thought the same thing. Just the aspect that suprises me the most is that the smallest percentage of those people are actually passionate about what they do. This is because the majority feel that they have reached that dead end.

This is alarming because we are going to spend at least half of our lives working or shelling out to help other people. Surely for half your entire life you want to be happy?!

I have actually come to realise and learn that little by little I am beginning to understand that having that promotion, that slightly larger office or having a pay rise really is not going to ease the wrestlessness that most people feel deep within their soul. We have always been reminded throughout education that finding that career or that job is about the creation of value.

If you think back to, all the way back when the Universe began. In religious studies you were taught that God created this planet and that He created Adam. He placed him in the garden and asked him to do the simplest thing: To take care of this. In other words he created roles, work and goals for Adam to set his mind to and create value for his creation. Coming more forward into reality there are ancient scriptures that state that all human beings are created to do "good works". In other means everybody has been given this masterpiece, this piece of art to make an impact and to add value to your lives.

This is why whether your a stay at home mum, a nurse, a counsellor or a good friend we all have the same thing in common.

"We're all on the same quest to discover how to live our lives with full meaning and purpose. Because no matter what we do, we have this one life to live out everyday."

We all have the right to make a significant contribution to the world we live in, no matter who or what puts you down in the process. This is for one reason and one purpose only...

What you do matters....

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