Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Fire in the Works.


Call me materialistic. Call me loud. Call me anything yellow loving, easily amused or vertically challenged. Just don't call me a Kid for loving Fireworks. If the saying is true that nostalgia is a warm bath, I become more prune-like each time there's a shower of fireworks above me. Each year when Fireworks night rolls around I regress in age, going back to the days when sitting on my Dad's shoulders was not problematic whilst I looked up at the night sky to see fireworks raining down. Or, really, I was just trying to work out what flavour the firework would be if I were to taste them. Personally the red fireworks were my favourite =].

Even if you weren't lucky to see them in action. At least have Bangers and Mash to make up for the "tragic loss" of missing out on the Gunpowder spirit.

Watching fireworks is like sex in a way: You can do it almost anywhere and it never gets boring. As I stood and watched the annual display flicker above me I could not help but smile to myself. This is where you can call me weird. However, at that moment I am mesmorised at how just clumps of gunpowder can produce the effects of such beauty. Seriously, I secretly wish Guy Fawkes did succeed. It would have been a stunner of a display for London whilst the houses of parliament disintergrated - I digress. The historical significance is eminent in the back of my skull, along with every other "cool" event. Yet, even though Fireworks night is not considered a celebration, the Fireworks certainly do make you feel that 'something.' Whether it makes you feel that you can tolerate being in the pouring rain and the droplets blinding you everytime you look up works. Or, on the other hand, whether it is because everytime that 'Big Bang' releases it shower of colours you can't help but feel that extra bit more snuggled and protected by the downpour of colour, light and fixation.

Every year being under fireworks makes me think and feel the same thing. I cannot help but look into the sky and ponder over the idea that specks of gunpowder joined together can release such a cascade of beautiful colours, noises and effects. I question that if just that can make something so wonderful and - sadly make me think so deeply - that I can achieve so much more to captivate others. It is the exact reason as to why I want to become a Nurse. To work together with other people to produce the happy feeling that I feel under the rockets, catherine wheels and sparklers. To create a positive effect into enriching others lives, even if it is for a few minutes - it worked. Healthcare and Fireworks will never mix, yet the logic is there =].

I know many who will read this will probably think I am looking far too deeply into a firework but to me they really create an atmosphere of complete and utter total freedom. The only thing that matters in the world at that time is the beautiful display above you, lingering in the sky, completely unattached from any of the world's qualms. Those who take in the fireworks show over Disneyland, London, Sydney Harbour at New Years, or even at your friend's reception on their Wedding Day will experience the same thing: absolute bliss. For those 10-20 minutes, rising petrol prices won't matter. Terrorism won't matter. And those nagging university lecturers of yours? Well, they'll still be a sharp pain in your backside, but for that short amount of time, they won't matter either. So call me what you want. On Fireworks night I'm the biggest kid and seldom thinker of them all.

The best display I have ever been apart of.

New Years Eve. London. 2004.

Love, Becca xxx.


Liz said...

Thanks for stopping by my beautiful fireworks! I love the post about Stellan. If he made even one person believe miracles were possible, then God has done his job through that little baby!

Wendy said...

Hi Becca! Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I LOVE your fireworks post! I completly "get" you, even though I am terrified of fireworks, I have fond fond memories of sparklers; being snuggled into Mum and Dad whilst watching the displays and feeling all warm and cosy when coming back in from the cold.
Love the pictures too! I agree with you, great to "meet" someone from the UK on here, there are not THAT many of us!I have also followed MckMama's blog and what a gorgeous little bundle Stellan is!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your fireworks post is great! Come back and visit me!

Misi said...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by! Nice to "meet" you Becca.
Hope you don't become a stranger!!

Mere said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I LOVE London! I went December 2004 and fell in love <3!! Beautiful pics!! I love fireworks but they scare me too! lol. Come visit me soon!!

~Mere xxx

Michelle Sybert said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading a few of your posts!You are a talented and engaging writer. Oh! and I also follow My Charming Kids!

♥April♥ said...

Those are beutiful fireworks. iienjoy reading you blog so keep it up. April

tonya said...

I remember sitting by the river in downtown Wichita Kansas watching the fireworks display during Riverfest as a teen...ahhh. My memories came alive reading your blog!! Thank you...I needed that.

Marc and Megan said...

I've loved reading through your blog... and I really wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. The love and kindness we've received from people we don't even know has meant so much. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you.

table for two said...

Hi Becca,
Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to leave comments! I love this posting about the Fireworks! I feel the same way! There's nothing better than the big boom of a fireworks display!

Allie Garcia said...

AAAAAH! I love fireworks too! And I love the way you write. So glad were blog friends!

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