Tuesday, 7 October 2008

For Kathryn.


This is for you. I do not think any human being could define friendship. Our friendship. The dictionary describes it as someone you know, like and trust. However, I do not think the dictionary emphasises the laughter, tears, anger and pride that friends share. I think it goes so much more deeper than that.

I am not writing/typing this letter to you just because I think you need your friends more at this time. It is also because you need to be told that you are someone special who I have laughs with, who I cry with, who I try to help and unhesitatingly tell you your mistakes. If I had to define friendship it would be all of that. On top of of it all I believe that best friends do so much more for each other that sometimes it becomes our duty to thank them with all the gratitude we have for them in our hearts. Silly but true. Corny but evident.

For 8 years we have known each other. It has flown by. Seriously I have photographic proof.

14 years old. Eugh! 19 years old. Beauty!

Mcfly, Hilary Duff, Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Paris, Nu-raving, "Photoshoot" with a hairdryer to make our hair look as wonderful as they do in the adverts, Dancing outrageously, Moose song, Sleepovers, Pantomime, After school german sessions, The challenge of buying as much as we can with £20, Home made cards, Trips to hobbycraft, Laughing so hard that we have cried - several, Disagreements, Dressing up for Rocky Horror and not getting what it was about, Telepathy, Ice skating - miserably, Disaster relationships, Prom and meeting at the same table everyday at school for lunch. Plenty more...

Your my best friend. Your someone who has the knack to kick my arse into gear when the going gets tough. Seriously...who would have thought that we started as school students who did everything we could to get out of "serious" PE to training as a Teacher and a Nurse. They say that in life, if you have one super-close best friend whom you would share anything with, you are lucky. I know that and will always know that Kathryn.

You really are the bestest friend I could have ever asked for.

For 8 years now I've known that I've been blessed with the most giving, genuine and hard working person. I love you to pieces. You have made me cards to make me smile, given me meaningful hugs that actually make me feel better. You have always told me that I can do it when I have wanted to tell everyone that I wanted to pack it in. You are proud of me. You always have, and I honestly believe you always will. Noone has ever made so much of an effort as a best friend for me, noone has ever said such heartfelt things to me and the wonderful thing about it is that I know you are there, you have always been there. If there is anything that I could tell you is that when life hands you Lemons you make Lemonade. But if life hands you the most horrible and sour tasting Lemons there will always be a way to fix it.(by adding sugar!)

We are great and we are the best.

I hope you know that burdens are lighter when carried by two and I just want you to know I'm always here for you. You have the ability to strive for anything you want with success attached to it. You know hard work, even if it kills you but at the the end of the day you do what most people should learn to do. That is to never give up. Life is always going to throw obstacles in front of you but I know that what doesnt kill you Kath will make you stronger. You don't have to fight for everything - only what makes you happy.

Eventually there will become a time where everything will fall into place. Where there will be plenty more years than the 8 we have travelled through to make plenty more fun. To make plenty more disasters, to make plenty more tears and memories. Yet, also and more importantly there will be plenty more years to make your Lemonade out of your Lemons.

Love, Becca.

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