Saturday, 30 August 2008

You had weight in this life.

The other day I sat on the River Wey and delicately placed rose petals with four other amazing girls to remember your life. She knows who she is because I believe in some mysterious light she is watching. She watched us that day and she will always continue to have weight in this life. I promise you that I will never stop being your voice here on earth. I will tell everyone about the talented medicene fanatic you were who tackled a cruel disease to change hearts. I will always miss you. There will never be a day where you are not a part of us.

In some ways I thank you spesh! You taught me not to moan about how little summer I had but to enjoy every part of it I was given. I made the most of it believe me :)
1) Menorca - sunshine, Oli, Jim's, Dancing and Archers & Lemonade.

2) Reading Festival - live music, camp fires, snuggles with Brad & tequila.

3) Friends - I don't think I will begin to start how amazing you all are because I don't think I will end up finishing. Thank you.

Summer 2008 gave me that. Three fantastic lucky charms fitted into 6 fantastic weeks.
Im rested now...bring on year 2.

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