Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Im off to Menorca :)

Is it mean of me to say that I am so glad it is raining in England?! Cause if so then I am so glad to be escaping it for 12 days....

For this. Makes you want to pee yourself with excitement.

It sounds silly to say but I am going to miss Brad so much. I know I will be crying myself stupid - again! I am looking forward to getting away for a bit and catching up with Oli again and seeing old/new faces. Bring on the Spice Girls tribute band and sun tan!

The last couple of days have been hard. I read words - comforting words - from their blog about their final journey. At 19 years old nobody deserves to know that the life they worked so hard to get was over. RIP. I will always miss your words, spirit and humour.

I have lots of memories to make over the next 12 days.
Let the fun begin!

Before I board a flight and leave the miserable weather I just want to say...

Happy 19th Birthday Karl.

For old times sake a 2005 photo.


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