Tuesday, 6 November 2007

About Making Memories

'The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes their way' - Anon.

If I ever meet the anonymous person who said that quote then I want to shake hands with them. It's because I live my life by it and that's how Forever Making Memories started. All the way back in summer 2007 I was going through a massive change. I was making transitions I didn't quite feel ready for and I needed to put it in word format. I had to get these crazy thoughts and feelings out of my head.

This blog started as a way to clear my head. It was never really about making memories at all, the title just sounded nice, but it has evolved into so much more than that. In that same summer I went to Paris - a city I had always wanted to visit! And I remember thinking when I was stood outside the Eiffel Tower 'I must blog about this when I get home'. And as they say, since then...the rest is history. 

Over the last 6 years I have blogged about so much that it depicts my life to the tee. I have written about my favourite people, my trips away, broken relationships, completed project 365, taken part in memes and best of all? Met some of the most awesome people along the way. 

We don't just make memories by taking pictures with the click of a camera. We also make memories from what we hear, from the relationships we form and the opinions we make. It all mixes into one another and that's why I love to blog about it. 

This blog is about my life, my thoughts and the collection of memories I have made and will make in the future. In fact this blog was originally called 'Making Memories' but I have changed it to this new title. I will forever be making memories for as long as I live and that fills me with so much happiness. But, if there is one thing I want people to take away from my little piece of the internet is this. Life really is about making memories that last a life time - an eternity in fact. So that one day I can look back, read about it and say 'I'm so glad I did that you know'.

Blogs I Love

Since I have started blogging there are some blogs that I have on my blog reader which I love reading. There are some people who, through blogging, have become my friends as well. If you ever get the chance please check them out. They're some of the nicest people...and they don't bite either!

Alex - blogs over at 'Only Human' and she was one of my first 'IRL' friends in the blogosphere. We share the same interests and (I don't think she knows this) but has been a major support when times have been rough. She blogs about life - real life - and I love that. If you want to read a blog that shows you life is made up of little things then she's your girl!

Amanda - or should I say my middle name twin?! This girl throws herself into everything and I mean everything! There's no beating around the bush - she is a massive credit to herself for showing that if you really persevere at something, it can happen. You can find my middle name twin here at 'Teasingly Diverse'.

Ashley - is having a 'Lovely Little Adventure' and I'll tell you what I love about her blog. It's so girly!!! Ashley blogs about fun things like her upcoming wedding, awesome trips and romance. Plus, she's so honest and says it how it is. I always look forward to her posts. 

Callie - I have followed her blog 'Through Clouded Glass' for quite a while now and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every single one of her posts. I think one of the reasons why I started following her is because we are kinda polar opposites. We have totally different ideas on some things but that's what I love. She's smart, has the cutest kid ever and it has been so humbling to see her journey so far!

Holly - what is there not to love about her adventures? She's a New Zealander with very quirky style of blogging and topics. I love that you can never predict what she's going to write about!

Jessica -  if it wasn't for this blog I would never have done project 365 or even started a blog in the first place. Jessica has taught me that it's so important to document our lives. I have developed a huge appreciation to chronicle life in so many different ways. And for that reason alone you should check her out here, over at 'The Mom Creative'.

Laura Anne - I have no qualms in saying that this girl rocks! I'm so pleased to say that she is no longer an IRL friend but now a real life friend who I share so much in common with. I had the pleasure of meeting her this year and what you see is what you get with Laura Anne! Her blog 'Learning from Sophie' totally reflects everything she believes in and how down to earth she really is. 

Mike - we share a love of all things theatrical. He's a dear friend who I am so pleased I introduced to the world of blogging. Please say a big hello and welcome to him here.

Mere - I love how happy and thankful Mere is and that is why I love her blog so much. She's so genuine, appreciates so much and doesn't take a single moment of what she has for granted. She turns every negative into a positive so if you want a blog that will honestly make your day check out 'The Babblings of Mere' here.

Patrice -  this girl has talent in her writing here at 'Not a girl, Not yet a woman'. I will say this over and over again but Patrice has the ability to make you feel like she's sitting in your room having a conversation with you when she blogs. I find that so endearing! She has made me laugh so hard at my computer desk and at times brought tears to my eyes in her words. 

Steph - I love this girl. She is probably the blogger I most relate to in everything she posts about. She talks about her struggles so beautifully and when she's happy she wants the whole world to know. I swear she lives the American version of my life. Steph has portrayed to me that sometimes in life we have to take 'Plan B' which is what her blog reflects on so amazingly well.

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